A new year means the start of the most comprehensive auto conference in the world, and with it comes new advancements, strategies and marketing techniques. With changes being made to how marketing is done in 2019, I want to make sure you are adapting as smoothly as you need to be to set you up for marketing success in the coming year.

This year at NADA, my workshop, The 5 Keys to Unlock The Power of Your Social Sales Funnel, will be addressing why custom audience creation and proper pixel installation can lead your social consumers right to your inventory. Serving the right message at the right time in Facebook and Instagram’s newsfeed is key to connecting with your consumers.

You’ll be able to find me everywhere during NADA. Check out where we’re going to be here, and when you find me or set up an appointment to speak with me, I’ll be happy to chat!

Here’s 3 questions you should ask me to make sure your social advertising is top notch for 2019.

“What ad objectives on Facebook Advertising are currently the top performing for automotive results?”

There’s 4 main ad objectives that we are always using monthly at PCG Digital.

“Who is seeing my name across Facebook and Instagram when I set up a campaign?” 

Your ad sets play a very important role in the success of your campaign. But you’ll be surprised to know you should be using multiple ad sets, and I can go over all of them with you.

“What’s the key to campaign ad creation to promote my business?”

I think you’ll be surprised by this answer…but you’ll have to come find me to get it.

There you have it! Find me at NADA, and let’s talk social advertising strategy! To schedule an appointment to meet with me, click here and scroll down.

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