If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything, it is that we cannot plan or live within certainty, the automotive industry has seen some major changes and updates. As a result of the pandemic, there have been inventory shortages and supply chain issues. Like all other industries, we’ve been affected by the new privacy laws in iOS14, and we’ve had to prepare for a world without cookies. We were also faced with a fast-paced switch to digital retail and selling online on top of all of these challenges.

Despite all of these challenges, we remained resilient and reinvented ourselves like never before. A new year awaits us with many unknowns.

When the future is uncertain, how can we plan for it?

In a perfect world, we would all be crushing it when it comes to digital marketing if time and budget were not an issue. The reality is that most of us can’t do that, so we must decide where to invest our time and money since it is not unlimited. Here are a few steps you can take to design an effective marketing plan:

1. Evaluate what is working (and what isn't).

Analyzing your Google Analytics data and reviewing where your current traffic is coming from can help you to determine where to focus your efforts. Behavioral metrics such as conversion rates and bounce rates can be used to determine which channels are working best and where extra effort may be required. Is your blog getting a lot of traffic, but few conversions? You may want to start by better leveraging your content. How are your PPC campaigns performing with specific tactics and techniques? Consider expanding your campaigns and testing these techniques on new campaigns.

2. Watch your competitors

However, this does not mean that you should imitate them. Instead, focus on the tactics they’re using, their rankings, messaging, and ad placements. Consider what your customer might do if they were looking for your service. When evaluating the options, which ones seem most authoritative? Those are key areas that need to be evaluated and where you may need to refine your competitive edge. Create a strategy that will work during the next 12 months based on this experience.

Your marketing strategy can include the tactics I mentioned above or you can use them in one specific area. In my role as a PPC expert, I would like to end this blog with just a few tips on how to be ahead of the competition. You should pay attention to the following areas in your SEM strategy in 2022:

1. Understanding your audience

Before you can craft your dealer PPC ads, you must first understand who you’re actually advertising to. Which customers do you serve? How do you reach them? Where are they located? Demographics aren’t all that matters. Understanding your audience’s search intent is crucial. When you know these indicators, it’s easy to make your ads appear for your intended audience.

2. Focus on the customer experience

Today, online advertising focuses on providing a good user experience and addressing the needs of the buyer. To accomplish this, you need to fully understand audience behavior and address their needs at every step of the buying process.

3. It's all about video

There are currently over 665 million smart TVs in use around the world. COVID has forced more people to stay at home, which has made television their primary source of entertainment, especially with YouTube at the top of the channel list.
What does this mean? As a result, your ads are more likely to reach more viewers next year. So, is it important to make sure that you utilize YouTube for PPC ad placement next year.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Online marketing efforts are worthless if you aren’t updated on the latest trends. The competition will take advantage of you.

There will be a great deal of change in the upcoming years, especially in 2022, due to the rollercoaster ride of the pandemic’s events from the past two years. Consider some of the pointers in this article and learn what to expect next year!

Marija Cvetkovska
Marija Cvetkovska
Since 2013, Marija has provided quality service to her clients, going that extra mile to get things done! Marija is continually learning about the products and services that we offer, and delivers that information to our customers. When it comes to life outside of work, Marija's hobbies and interests include cooking, watching football and basketball, and reading. She is fluent in four languages – English, Serbian, Macedonian, and Spanish. Also known for being a super fan of Game of Thrones, Tom Brady, Dragana Mirkovic, and Paulo Coehlo!
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