I bet you’re asking, why should I market on Snapchat? If you look at the demographics of Snapchat, you will actually see that it’s a huge platform to reach a new market of buyers. The majority of Snapchat is Generation Z and Millennials who use the app everyday. These generations live on their phone and post everything about their life. If they purchase a car from your dealership, the first thing they will do is post about it. When they post about their new car, they use location tags, trendy filters and stickers that bring more attention and views.

When marketing on Snapchat, you can list two ways: Place Listing or Public Listing. When you Place List, you organically put your business on the map that allows Snapchat users to discover your dealership in the area. Not only is it free, but it shows your information of hours, location, and directions (similar to GMB for Snapchat). On the other hand, having a Public Listing allows your profile to have subscribers who can view your stories and use custom lenses for your dealership. Having a Public Listing allows stories to be saved, re-watched, and shared. This profile allows the dealership to view analytics and insights, and even have a storefront on Shopify. Keep in mind that they are both able to be viewed publicly, share details about your dealership, users can share and tag others.

Tips and Tricks:

  • If there are multiple locations, be sure to have different accounts for each store
  • Print your Snapcode around dealership, business cards, postcards, and emails to gain followers on Snapchat
  • Keep your post short! Make it eye-catching within the first 2-3 seconds.
  • Be sure to include your logo
  • Many times potential customers only have one opportunity to close the deal. You must gain their attention and trust right away.

For more information, check out the PCG Snapchat Playbook.

Emerson Giese
Emerson Giese
Emerson is the Co-Op Specialist at PCG Digital. She is motivated by her passion for automotive. She likes to attend sporting events, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.
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