Denise Galiatsatos, the President and COO of PCG Digital recently sat down with PCG Client Account Manager, Michael Stewart, to talk about what customers are in need of when it comes to a dealership’s website design and layout.

Michael wisely opened up the webinar by touching on the fact that over his 12 years of automotive experience, he has noticed there are many inconsistencies in the pricing strategy across dealerships where customers tend to receive different price quotes when inquiring multiple times about a vehicle.

As you could imagine, this can be very frustrating to a consumer when they call to get a price and then call back the following day to hear a totally different number. He also mentioned that oftentimes, shoppers will show up to the dealership with a price quote in hand and then get told “no, it’s actually a different price”, making it absolutely vital that the entire dealership is on the same pricing strategy to eliminate any confusion and to ease the customer’s mind when shopping.

“Next to buying a house, buying a car is the second biggest purchase a person is going to make in their lifetime, so tell them the price, because they’re going to be interested in the price.”


Another interesting point that Michael brought up is that ideally, dealerships want to have a clean and very simplified navigation, as nearly 80% of all people who visit a dealership’s website are going to click on the navigation in an attempt to find what they are looking for.

If the navigation is cluttered and filled with outdated links and information, however, it will significantly reduce the likelihood of a customer being able to locate what they came for (hopefully an inventory page in this case).

“When you think about your website, think about it as your digital showroom. You’re not going to make your physical showroom look cluttered where people can’t move around, so look at your website and determine what you do and do not need.”

These are just a few of the many topics that Michael spoke about, so to get a better understanding of how to maintain a visually appealing and effective website, be sure to check out the full PressPlay webinar and stay tuned for our next episode!

Jake Ernst
Jake Ernst
Jake is a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan who is working towards his goal of seeing them play in each and every NFL stadium in the country. He’s proud to be a Content Specialist for PCG Digital and when he’s not at the office, you will presumably find him spoiling his Golden Retriever, Bailey, at a dog park, pool, beach, or essentially any body of water deep enough for her to swim in.
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