While online shopping has taken off over the last year and a half, most car dealerships are struggling mightily to acquire the amount of inventory that can meet their buyer’s demands. Since customers come to your site to purchase a vehicle, it’s only natural they feel some sort of disappointment when they are unable to find the exact vehicle that they are looking for within your online inventory.

Unfortunately, without information on your website about when that vehicle is expected to be in stock, the shopper may feel obligated to leave the site altogether and look elsewhere for a new ride. That’s why, regardless of what your dealership’s new vehicle inventory looks like, it is vital to have unique content on your website that draws in traffic and keeps customers on your site — such as content regarding your used vehicle inventory and the service and parts you offer.

1. Put an Emphasis on Used Vehicle-Related Content

Rather than being frustrated about the new inventory that you DON’T have, you can use this time to shed light on what used vehicles your dealership DOES have. Be sure to highlight which makes and models you offer, explain why it can be beneficial to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, and mention any used vehicle specials or sales events that are currently taking place or could be happening in the future.

2. Put an Emphasis on Service and Parts-Related Content

While your dealership’s sales department may not be producing the same numbers that it was pre-pandemic, there’s no reason why your service and parts center should be falling behind as well. Much like any other business, you can’t just sit around and wait for customers to come in — you need to be working to bring in new customers and inviting existing customers to return for all of their vehicle’s service needs. Blogging and creating custom pages regarding the services and parts you offer, the expertise your staff has, and the importance of regular car maintenance is an effective strategy to not only inform and connect with customers but to boost your SEO and search rankings as well.

3. Don’t Forget About The New 2022 Models

As you now know from either word of mouth, car shopping on your own, or from reading this blog, most dealers are having a hard time obtaining new vehicles and therefore, haven’t received most, if any, of their 2022 models yet. If this is the case, it’s still a wise decision to get as much content out there about each vehicle in order to build up their SEO value before they do eventually arrive at your dealer. By doing so, it should provide you with the opportunity to hit the ground running when you receive that shipment of new models, as you will have content surfacing on the internet that is hopefully drawing traffic to your website, and more importantly, your dealership.

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Jake Ernst
Jake Ernst
Jake is a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan who is working towards his goal of seeing them play in each and every NFL stadium in the country. He’s proud to be a Content Specialist for PCG Digital and when he’s not at the office, you will presumably find him spoiling his Golden Retriever, Bailey, at a dog park, pool, beach, or essentially any body of water deep enough for her to swim in.
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