After a crazy year of inventory shortage, a lot has changed in terms of digital marketing! Dealers have had to change their entire marketing strategy: instead of focusing on new models that were coming into the dealership, they have now had to shift their focus to different tactics like “we buy cars” campaigns, used cars, brand awareness, service related ads and more. Moving into the new year, it is time to have the conversation regarding how dealers will need to utilize call tracking to better increase their sales opportunity.

What Is Call Tracking?

Before we move into the benefits of call tracking,I want to discuss what call tracking actually is. Call tracking is the process of determining how callers found your business. Marketing and sales teams can use call tracking to attribute phone calls to the specific marketing channels that led callers to ring your business.

Call Tracking enables businesses and marketers to attribute phone calls to the marketing channels that drove them, such as pay-per-call, local SEO, and other online and offline call-based marketing campaigns. Overall, call tracking helps dealers know where their tracking is coming from in their overall marketing strategy.

Benefits of Call Tracking

The first benefit of call tracking is dynamic insertion, which is when numbers are dynamically swapped out from your very own pool of phone numbers so you can correlate incoming calls with specific sources. Meaning you can have a specific number for a specific marketing source such as PPC, Paid Social and SEO.

Following with Multi-channel attribution gives you the ability to see each touchpoint that led to a call, including which campaign drove a caller to your website, which pages they interacted with and the last action they took before calling you.
Another benefit I would like to touch upon is call recording. How do you know how well your staff handles customer calls unless you record them? This is also important when it comes to the aforementioned call and lead quality issue, allowing you to confirm that you are driving qualified leads to your business.


Call tracking has shown that it can be an effective strategy during this inventory shortage. Especially when it comes to getting ready for the new year. Being able to track where leads are coming from is huge for dealers, especially when leads are converting into sales.

The best way to go about this is by dynamically swapping out numbers to know which marketing channels drove those leads. Plus, using the multi- channel attribution to understand the lead’s journey is a big factor. Using that information to make a minor change on the webpage or call to action could make a huge difference in increasing the sale opportunity.

It is important to make sure each customer is taken care of properly by recording the call and making suggestions on what the sales rep can improve on for their next call. Instead of focusing on how many people are coming to the website, to focus on the quality of sale opportunities that are presenting themselves to the dealers. This is why call tracking is an important part of handling this new type of marketing moving into the new year!

Melvin Green
Melvin Green
Melvin is a Paid SEM Specialist. His hobbies include video games, working out, Live concerts, and rugby.
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