The Next Dynamic Strategy in Automotive

VLA or Vehicle Listing Ads are a new ad format on Search that shows nearby cars for sale.

VLA Ad in Google Search


Is PCG Digital currently offering VLA? Not at this moment, the team is currently in BETA testing.PCG is working directly with Google to set up these ads for our clients. The program is in what is called Open Beta with Google. What this means is that our agency has to go though additional approval steps to get the ads to run. Our agency has to opt in on behalf of our clients and there are some additional program policies we must follow.

When will PCG Digital be offering VLA ads to clients? We will offer this service as soon as Google works out the bugs. Remember this feature is in beta. That being said, one of our biggest jobs as an agency is to advocate on behalf of our clients. Rest assured we are navigating with all hands on deck in order for our clients to be early movers with this new ad format.

Why We Are Excited To Be Testing VLA?​ PCG is excited because Vehicle Listing Ads, similar to shopping ads, are simply more prominent on the search results page. The ads show pictures and inventory information like location, make, model, price and mileage and go directly to the VDP. These bigger ads mean more exposure and the visual component outperforms text ads. Lastly, with VLAs your ads have the potential to appear more than once for a single query, with text ads you need to bid on all the keywords separately.