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Conversational Commerce is the new way to connect with customers in an old school manner by bridging in-store shopping with the convenience of online shopping. Also known as C-Commerce, offers the ability for a customer to connect with a salesperson from the comforts of home, their office or car. Conversational Commerce generally launches from social platforms, with Facebook Messenger being the primary one though it also extends to Instagram, Facebook feeds and paid social ads. There are more opportunities to create conversation through social media, with Instagram’s ability to respond to reels and stories, for example. Facebook and paid ads simplify the process of getting in touch with a salesperson through a simple click of the Call-to-Action button, allowing the customer to start a conversation. With C-Commerce, there is no more driving to the store or filling out a form online and waiting for a response.

According to Meta, “As people increasingly embrace shopping via chat, conversational commerce is igniting a global movement that is only set to grow”

Because the majority of a person’s time is spent online, there’s an expectation for brands to provide insight and answer questions in real time. Many people expect to get the information they need without having to dig for it on your website or pick up the phone. One of the major benefits of integrating C-Commerce into your dealership Meta Advertising Strategy is the ability to meet customers wherever they are in their buying journey. By giving the consumer an easy way to learn about your company and the products you offer, people may be more inclined to reach out to a human agent, ask their questions, and in the end, purchase from your dealership, provide feedback. Through offering conversational commerce based solutions,customers feel like they’re receiving special treatment, as you go above and beyond to make the buying process easy.  What’s more, C-Commerce allows you to further enhance your customer relationship via the feedback from customers who have chatted with you online. This goes beyond convenience, as it also creates a sense of trust with the consumer, showing you’re worth their time and money. 

The new generation of car buyers spend the majority of time on social media, which lends credence toC-Commerce’s importance in paid social media advertising. By making your business more accessible on social media, you cater to consumers who don’t want to leave the platform to get to the next step, like filling out a form – they’d rather talk to a salesperson on Messenger or complete the form then and there through an On-Meta form fill solution.

Below are a few ways you can incorporate C-Commerce into your paid social media strategy:

Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA)

One way to incorporate C-Commerce into your paid social media strategy is to utilize On-Facebook destination for Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA), which showcases relevant vehicles and offers the ability to contact you directly through Messenger.

Instant Form

Another method is to create an ad with a built-in Instant Form, where consumers can conveniently fill the requirements while asking for more information about the service and offerings.

Messenger CTA Button

Lastly, you can display your services or offers in an ad that utilizes a call-to-action button connected to Messenger that encourages conversation and further connects with your audience.

Take a look at these results from how PCG uses Conversational Commerce. This way of connecting aligns the client’s goal of maximizing leads and being accessible for consumers on social media through paid ads. Starting with the Automotive Inventory Advertising, utilizing the on-Facebook destination enabled consumers to view a dealer’s inventory and start a conversation right in Messenger by clicking the call-to-action button. If they’re interested or have questions about the vehicle, it’s addressed right then and there.

Automotive Inventory Advertising To Marketplace

Below is an example of an Automotive Inventory Advertising to Marketplace ad preview:

Now, let’s look at the results:

Based on November 1st through December 31st 2023 Data. PCG optimizes these AIA ads for On-Facebook content views, resulting in 11 On-Facebook leads this month and aligning with this client’s goals.

Meta Lead Generation Advertising

Instant Form Fills are designed to get leads instantly, meaning your dealer has the ability to connect your CRM with Meta to receive leads in real time. Additionally, form setup is customizable and simple to fill out. This ad optimization can help eliminate lead drop-off because of its ability to be completed in feed.

Example of Lead Form ad:

The results:

 Based on December 1 – 31, 2024 Data. The lead form ads are optimized for On-Facebook Leads, as you see 144 people filled the form out in December.

The main goal for this ad is to gain leads instantly on Facebook so that the dealership sales team can move the customer along in the buying process.

Meta Messenger Campaigns

Messenger campaigns are a game changer for your social strategy. This optimization enables conversation with a sales representative instantly on Messenger, but this strategy only works if your business has a dedicated team to monitor it or your chat provider is integrated into the platform.

Example of Messenger ad:

The results:

Based on December 1 – December 31, 2023 Data

These Messenger ads are optimized for on-platform conversations that allow a shopper to view the vehicle’s detail page on Facebook simply by a click of a button. Which then allows the shopper to connect directly with the dealer through Facebook Messenger, a lead form, phone call, or visiting the store in person.

In December, we saw 49 message conversations initiated, leading us to believe C-Commerce is the easiest way for customers to reach you without having to scour your website.

Take the first step to implement this way of communication into your online social media strategy. Making yourself easily accessible is a surefire way for customers to increase communication and build loyalty with your brand. This C-Commerce space is growing, so jump on board and transform the way people shop. Contact PCG Digital to learn more about developing a personalized conversational commerce strategy for your dealership.

Develop a Personalized Conversational Commerce Strategy with Team PCG

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