Digital Strategies That Grow Brands

When you partner with PCG Digital, you get a commitment that your customers will see the real you through digital advertising. A quality digital marketing strategy is the sum of its parts, and when you add up everything we can do for your business, then you’ve got a powerful business ally. Whether you’re just beginning your digital marketing journey, or well-traveled, our services and digital consulting will help you beat out your competition, and increase sales.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM-AnimatedOur paid search specialists are fluent in Google, and will run pay-per-click campaigns with in-market targeting and audience retargeting through the search and display advertising networks. These are optimized for both desktop and mobile, and each individual campaign has its own conversion tracking and lead mapping.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO-AnimatedYour dedicated SEO Specialist will revamp your keyword strategy with a thorough keyword map of your website and a complete overhaul of your metadata to include keywords and geotargets. Once the backbone of the site is built out with metadata, we’ll make sure it’s mobile-friendly and free of any duplicate title tags, H1s, and H2s.

Digital Audit

A thorough audit of your website is the first step to diagnosing any improvements you might be able to make to grow your website’s online footprint. The professionals at PCG will break your website down piece by piece and inspect it to let you know what’s being done right and what needs work.


Email Marketing

We focus on conversational conversions targeting prospective customers with high success rates. These are the only conversions that really matter and simply answer: “How can I sell more cars?” We want to supply more leads and encourage more communication. Yes, we are experts at analytics and can tell you any performance metric under the sun, but in the end, we prioritize these conversational metrics to help you and your team sell more cars now.

Social Media Advertising

SOC-AnimatedYour Social Media Specialist works with both Facebook and Instagram, running advertising campaigns using custom and lookalike audiences. Our campaigns focus on your brand voice, monthly specials, incentives, and any other events that you may have coming up. 

Content Creation

Working closely with the SEO team, our content team will optimize all existing pages on your website for best SEO practices, including adding hyperlinks, making keyword-targeted H1s and adding geotargets to the content. Additionally, we will optimize all images to have keyword-rich alt text.


Fixed Ops Marketing

Many dealers’ main source of revenue is fixed operations, yet they often neglect to make an investment in marketing this department. PCG has created a specialized digital marketing strategy to grow the market share of your most profitable department and give you a competitive edge over other dealers in your area who are content with complacency.


Direct Mail

Unlike other media, automotive direct mail is an “active” format. Customers may find you online, but a direct mail piece in their mailbox is a tap on the shoulder that online-only activities do not allow. We provide response-focused, results-driven, high-impact direct marketing for the automotive industry. PCG can design and implement a campaign that delivers the desired results.