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Question and answer-type blogs that target long-tailed keywords are some of the most sought-out and highest-ranking pieces of content for car dealers. How do you know what topics to write about? The answer to that question will differ across new and used inventory. Here are some tips on how to choose your blog topics!

Blog Topics For New Inventory

Choosing blog topics for new inventory will lean heavily on features of a specific vehicle. What would you want to know if you were looking to buy a new car? The answer to that question will probably land you somewhere along the lines of performance features, capabilities, technology features, or design features including number of seats!

Customers want to know if the car they are looking to buy offers AWD or 4-wheel drive, has towing capabilities, Apple CarPlay®, a sunroof, leather seats, space for seven passengers, etc. Talk to the sales people and do some research on the vehicle you are spotlighting to see what its most impressive or sought-out feature is and you’ve got yourself a blog topic!

Some common blog titles for new inventory would look like:

  • Does The 2022 Jeep Wrangler Have All Wheel Drive?
  • Does The 2022 Honda Pilot Have Apple CarPlay®?
  • Which Nissan SUV Offers Third Row Seating?
  • 2022 BMW 4 Series Interior & Upholstery Options

Blog Topics For Used Inventory

Now more than ever, it is also important to be generating blogs around the used market due to the inventory shortage across the automotive industry. Used inventory blog topics will look much different than the new inventory topics. Rather than focusing on one specific vehicle and model year, used inventory topics should be more general or highlight a number of vehicles in order to remain relevant for any number of vehicles that a dealer may have in stock.

What would you want to know before buying a used car? Some common blog titles for used inventory would look like:

  • What Is The Difference Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned?
  • How Many Miles Is Considered “Good” For A Used Car?
  • Why Buy A Used Honda?
  • Most Reliable Used SUVs
  • Best Used Cars For New Drivers
  • Best Used Trucks for Towing

As you can see, the process of choosing a blog topic will differ across new and used cars.. New inventory blog topics will usually focus on the features or highlights of one specific vehicle and model year, while used inventory blogs will still answer a question but provide more evergreen answers .

Whether you are choosing to write a blog about new or used cars, the main goal to keep in mind while writing is to think about what buyers would want to know about the type of vehicle they are buying!

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