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What is SGE? Google’s Search Generative Experience, or SGE, uses generative AI to provide quick and clear overviews of search results so users don’t have to click on a website’s link. These appear in a snapshot format above the Search Engine’s Results Pages (SERP)when a user conducts a search. By supplying users with relevant links used in the snapshots, SGE allows users to visit the URLs and explore more information in a more convenient manner. As it becomes more advanced, this is poised to  impact how search is utilized overall. Google is currently implementing SGE slowly, as  some select searches display the feature already. How is this going to impact your overall SEO Strategy?

On-Site Optimization

Right now, there are no recommended ways to optimize your website or content for Google’s SGE, but it is valuable to continue writing content that directly answers users’ search queries. Providing new, quality content over quantity will continue to play an important role in search when paired with SGE. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continually update your current content, but it is extremely important to make sure all content on your website is relevant and optimized properly. Well-organized content with bullet points, lists, and sections can also be easier for SGE to read, and let’s  not forget about meta titles or descriptions – these should continue to be optimized with best SEO practices to help enhance your visibility in search engines.

Traffic Decreases

If a user is getting the answer to their question  immediately in the snapshot, they might not continue onto the website, leading to a decrease in website traffic. However, the searches leading to the click will remain consistent because even though users would visit less pages, they’d be searching more often. Additionally, there will still be users who don’t utilize the snapshot or find it beneficial, resulting in the traditional manner of browsing search results. PCG will continue to monitor traffic and look for any noticeable changes as SGE continues to roll out. As the search landscape changes, we’ll  make any necessary adjustments to our internal strategies to keep growth at the top of our priorities. 

Although the top of the search results page will soon be showing SGE consistently, it’s still important to incorporate traditional SEO tactics – continuing to optimize your website and create content using strategies with a good track record is still your best bet for success.

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For more information on best SEO practices and how to optimize your site for SGE, please reach out to the PCG Digital Team

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