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As a social media marketer, I’ve been tracking the rise of AI in recent years and I’m fascinated by the power of artificial intelligence. I’ve had conversations with Chat GPT, played around with AI filters to transform images into art, and now I’m leveraging AI to create campaigns at scale.

I’m continually impressed by the capabilities of these tools, and AI will only continue to get smarter. Will AI someday take over the world and replace humans? Maybe…but for now at least I can use AI to increase my productivity and optimize my social campaigns.

Let’s take a look at Meta’s new generative AI features and how you can leverage them in your ads.

Last fall Meta rolled out new generative AI tools in Ads Manager, along with a suite of AI-powered experiences across their family of apps. The new ad creative features you can unlock include:

Background Generation:

Available for Advantage+ catalog ads, this creative optimization feature adds background images to your product images. I can see this being really useful for e-commerce to help their products stand out more and make their ads feel more personalized.

Image Expansion:

Automatically adjusts images to fit different aspect ratios. No more manually resizing your creative assets for different ad placements or wonky cropping! This is going to be a huge time-saver for graphic designers and advertisers.

Text Variations:

Generate up to six variations of your ad text based on the original ad copy. This is the one I’m most excited about and have already been testing.

Note: Generative AI tools are not currently available in campaigns within Special Ad Categories. As Meta continues to test AI features in Ads Manager, they say “we believe this approach will allow us to better understand potential risks and build the right safeguards for the use of Generative AI in ads that relate to potentially sensitive topics in regulated industries.”

Here’s an example of an ad I created for a Lexus dealership to promote their service center. The primary text shown here is my original ad copy:

And here’s the suggested text variations Meta came up with based on my original text:

I ended up going with the second example, minus the hashtags. However, I was impressed with the accuracy of the AI-generated text overall, even down to the emojis!


I found that providing more than one text sample gave me better results, as it provides the AI with more information to generate new text.

And here’s the suggested text variations Meta came up with based on my original text:

Meta advertisers: Have you given these tools a try? Are you using AI to enhance your campaigns in other ways? Let me know your thoughts!

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Chloe McGinley
Chloe is a Social Media Specialist at PCG Digital. She is a digital storyteller with a passion for helping businesses cultivate their unique brand identity and connect with their community using the power of social media. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at her local animal shelter and being outdoors.

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