Our AI technology analyzes thousands of data sets every minute so your dedicated specialists can focus on strategizing instead of wasting time manually micromanaging campaigns. The streamlined dashboard provides collective insights across campaigns and platforms that give or team more unified, holistic understanding of performance goals.

Some things are better left to tech

MAX has campaigns covered.

When our specialists are behind the wheel, MAX is calculating the most efficient route. Did you know it can take HOURS to manually optimize a SINGLE ad campaign? MAX has that covered so our staff can do the real work and deliver enhanced results. We strive to provide a hands-on, consultative approach with our clients, and MAX is making it that much easier for us to create custom solutions for unique needs.

We haven’t been setting the industry standards by being complacent. PCG has constantly evolved with the times to continue providing the highest quality services to dealers who expect nothing less. Investing in MAX is the next step in enhancing our process and supercharging our strategy. When you add the the limitless computing power of AI with the knowledge and instincts of our expert staff you’ve got a winning combination.