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VLA’s (Vehicle Listing Ads) are the newest dynamic paid search strategy in automotive. This ad strategy meets car shoppers in all stages of the sales funnel. Dealers are now able to promote their entire inventory of vehicles to interested shoppers on Google Search, Google’s Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail. This type of advertising enhances the research stage of car buyers online, providing them all of the information they will need to choose to shop with you.

Vehicle Listing Ads put your inventory right at the top of Google search results. Because this is a dynamic strategy, the information is pulled directly from your website (pricing, photos, location, make, model, etc). When a user clicks on the ad, they land directly on your website’s VDP. Think Google Search Ads, but with images!

Jeep Wrangler Near Me Google Search

To begin running VLA’s, you’ll need a:

  • Google Ads account
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Google My Business Profile
  • A verified website
  • Conversion tracking in place
  • An API to connect your inventory

Running this type of advertising for a dealer in-house can be very tedious and time consuming, however, working with an agency for VLA execution can be very simple and rewarding for the dealer.

Just a few benefits in adding Vehicle Listing Advertising to your Paid Search strategy include:

  • Meeting customers where they are searching
  • Having an advantage to your competition
  • Highlight dealership’s options and availability
  • Measure success through ad performance

If you are interested in learning more about how Vehicle Listing Ads can contribute to the success of your Paid Search strategy, visit https://pcgdigital.com/vla-ads/ or email sarah.ciociola@pcgcompanies.com.

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Sarah Ciociola
Sarah is the Paid Media Director and the Audit Coordinator. What she loves most about her job is the creativity and collaboration that goes into her work every day. When Sarah isn’t working you can find her at the beach, trying out new restaurants, spending time with her friends and family, or going to find the best iced-coffee she can get her hands on.

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