Display your brand voice

We take the time to work with you to fully understand your dealership’s brand voice. Our graphics, content, and videos work together to show off your vehicles, and further engage social consumers into taking action on the ad itself. That action can lead to more traffic to your website, more local reach, or more leads.

stop the scroll

stop the scroll

PCG’s social team runs mobile-first Facebook and Instagram ads targeting custom and lookalike audiences that are most likely to convert. We create campaigns that promote your brand voice, monthly specials, incentives, and any special events and promotions. Our dynamic inventory advertising presents your inventory to customers in real time, so you never have to worry about advertising products you don’t currently have in stock.

Social media is a crowded, and you’ve got to cut through the noise. We design, program and deliver high-converting mobile ads guaranteed to catch the eye of consumers browsing both Facebook and Instagram. It’s time to stand out from the bland, boring, and generic content and make a statement strong enough to entice your audience to stop scrolling and click on your content.

In our Social Attribution Case Study, we set out to answer the most common questions we heard from dealers and we generated real results. After analyzing Facebook’s Attribution dashboard with a select group of dealers, we were able to quantify social media advertising back to vehicle sales. Using a 90-day click and visit/90-day impression window with an Even Credit Attribution Model, we are able to see below that Facebook drove top offline purchases and website visits. There were a total of 76 offline conversions from all sources. 26 of which were from Facebook, all while spending 60% less compared to Google Ads.

do social ads equal car sales?

60% less spend on social ads

are you reaching low funnel shoppers?

“Low Funnel Shoppers” are those who’ve already taken most of the steps in the buyer’s journey. They are actively in the marketing and close to the conversion phase.

The Automotive Social Sales Funnel was conceptualized by PCG’s president, Denise Galiatsatos. We utilize Facebook’s tracking Pixel we deploy customized messaging to consumers who’ve engaged with your Facebook and Instagram profiles, website, as well as contacts and leads from your CRM. Our precisely targeted campaigns have resulted in increased social engagement, monthly dealership sales, website clicks, and foot traffic.

  • 30-60-90 day plan, budgets, and objectives
  • Use FB pixel traffic to create and engage with custom audiences
  • Send social consumers on a “ride” through advertising
  • Make social consumers aware of your dealership and brand voice
  • Have social consumers view your content and vehicles on your website
  • Gain foot traffic from social consumers on  your dealership lot

increased engagement with video marketing

Video advertising has been called the future of marketing, but why?