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Land rover freeport
SEo case study


Land Rover Freeport approached PCG because they needed assistance optimizing not only their website, but their Google Business Profiles.

Dark contrast logo with the following features: All caps Land Rover text inside of an oval, with more text below stating "Land Rover Freeport"

SEO & Website Issues

Inconsistent SEO across the site

  • Meta titles need to be around 60 characters
  • Meta descriptions need to be around 160 characters
  • Match URL Slugs with Page Title or content being discussed
  • Add proper automotive related keywords to each page to help ranking
  • Eliminate duplicate content
  • Eliminate broken links
  • Heavy initial focus on used inventory pages before moving onto new
  • Add Trim Comparisons & Model Highlights
  • Focus on adding model keywords without the word “Land Rover” in front of them
    • Example: 2024 Defender Not 2024 Land Rover Defender

3 Underperforming Google Business Profiles:

There was a lack of optimized content across their Sales, Service, and Parts profiles.

We optimized each description, added 10 categories, and implemented UTM tags for the website & menu to help track google_my_business data

  • Each Google Business Profile for Sales, Service, and Parts was optimized with detailed descriptions, relevant categories, and geo-targeted keywords. These optimizations made it easier for local customers to discover Land Rover Freeport’s offerings through Google Search and Maps.

By optimizing the three Google Business Profiles, PCG Digital significantly increased Land Rover Freeport’s visibility in local search results. This led to an uptick in interactions, including phone calls, direction requests, and website visits, directly from the Google Business Profile listings.

Comprehensive SEO Audit:

Full website and SEO audit to identify areas for improvement.

  • We audited each page to help us understand any SEO or content related issues

Keyword mapping to align website content with search behaviors.

  • We completed Keyword Mapping early on to help us understand the best keywords and phrases to use on their popular web pages

Technical SEO Enhancements:

Technical SEO Enhancements

Each month we validate fixes for all Core Web Vital issues and Server Errors

  • PCG uses Google Search Console to identify Core Web Vital issues impacting user experience and site performance.
  • We conducted a thorough review of the site to identify and rectify 404 errors, ensuring all links lead to valid pages, enhancing site reliability and user satisfaction.

Sitemap Submission & Optimization

Once we completed a large portion of the initial 30-60-90 Plan, we began submitting their domain’s sitemap to Google Search Console.

  • This action has prompted Google to crawl and index the newly optimized pages, solidifying Land Rover Freeport’s presence on Google Search with updated and relevant content
  • Before submitting the aforementioned sitemaps, we focused on optimizing many of their popular web pages. This optimization involved refining SEO metadata, enhancing content quality, and ensuring mobile & desktop responsiveness.
  • We resubmit the sitemap throughout the year, following the optimization of a few web pages.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Ongoing Keyword Discovery

  • We leveraged Google Search Console for continuous keyword research, monitoring the types of keywords and phrases leading visitors to the website over different periods (every 28 days, quarterly, etc.).
  • This ongoing analysis allowed us to adapt and refine our SEO strategies, ensuring content remains highly relevant and competitive in search rankings.

The above graphic shows year-over-year data, with a large increase in engaged sessions happening following PCG Digital and Land Rover Freeport’s partnership. The engaged sessions increased by 20% year-over-year, but overall sessions decreased by 6%. This demonstrates the improvement in traffic quality, resulting in a higher number of visitors engaging with content on each webpage—a trend that arguably was not observed before PCG Digital assumed control of Freeport’s SEO.

Enhancing Site Structure & User Experience:

Implemented a strategic interlinking approach to improve site navigation and distribute page authority throughout the website.

  • This not only helped in lowering bounce rates but also in increasing the time spent by visitors on the site.. thus increasing views & engagement rates for each page.
  • By linking related content and pages internally, we improved the user journey, making it easier for visitors to find relevant information and for search engines to understand the site’s structure.
  • This strategic interlinking significantly contributed to better organic search visibility and user engagement.

Content Strategy Development:

The content team & SEO created a content calendar focusing on optimized blog posts, custom pages, and vehicle trim comparisons.

We also enhanced content by adding searched keywords and phrases that were coming into the website often each month.

  • We incorporated local geo-targeted keywords into Google Business Profile, website content, metadata, and blog posts, focusing on areas such as Freeport, Long Island, Rockville Center, Merrick, and Bellmore. This ensured that search queries with local intent would direct users to Land Rover Freeport’s website.
  • With improved local SEO, Land Rover Freeport has experienced an increase in website traffic from local searches. More importantly, this specific traffic was highly relevant, leading to higher engagement rates and conversions from inquiries to dealership visits and sales.

The above graphic shows year-over-year data, with a large increase in organic sessions and engaged sessions happening following PCG Digital and Land Rover Freeport’s partnership.


By implementing strategically designed and executed SEO tactics, including the precise use of geo-targeted keywords and comprehensive optimization of both the website and their three Google Business Profiles, Land Rover Freeport has significantly enhanced its presence and appeal in the local market. These efforts have expanded their online visibility and led to significant business achievements, cementing their status as a top dealership in Freeport, throughout the state of New York, and beyond.

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