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Gunn Acura
SEo case study


Gunn Acura has been a long-term client with PCG Digital. With a focus on both sales and service, the goal has been to create a long-term strategy for greater organic growth.

SEO & Website Initial Strategy and Issues

Metadata Inconsistencies

  • As a standard, SEO specialists adhere to best practices for title tags and meta descriptions to be under character count to be visibly seen during general Google search

Hyperlocalization of GEOs

  • Hyperlinking GEOs within content and metadata to generate traffic in targeted local areas

Developing Original, Optimized Content

  • This content improves website rankings, visibility, and caters to all shoppers from high funnel to low funnel – this includes trim comparisons, branding pages, FAQs, leasing options, and much more

Balancing Limited Inventory

  • With limited shopping options and inventory, our goal was to find a balance between New, Used, and Certified Pre-Owned inventory

Diversifying Channel Outlets

  • Incorporating use of YouTube channel within custom content to build brand awareness and diversify channel outlets beyond the website and Google Business Profiles

Keyword Mapping to Align Website Content with Search Behaviors

  • As an initial strategy keyword mapping helps us understand the best keywords and phrases to use on their popular web pages

Use of Search Console

  • Using Google Search Console we can validate and fix issues that may be impact user experience and site performance including redirects, 404 errors, etc

Use of Non-Branded Keywords

  • The use of non branded keywords allow us to monitor the progress of custom content and allow us to see how visitors are visiting the website.

Google Business Profiles Optimization

Optimized Google Business Profile listings for Sales, Service, and Parts profiles

  • We optimized each description, added 10 categories, and implemented UTM tags for the website & menu to help track google_my_business data.

Google Posts – Monthly Service Specials

  • Having monthly service specials, a google post is created to inform Acura drivers of available services they can take advantage of

GBP Session Campaigns

Jan 1, 2023 – Jan 1, 2024

Within the last 12 months we have seen Google Business Profile be amongst the top session campaigns

Content Strategy Development

Creation of a Content Calendar

  • The content team & SEO created a content calendar focusing on optimized blog posts, custom pages, and vehicle trim comparisons.

Enhancing the Content with Frequent Website Inbound Keywords & Phrases

  • A majority of organic traffic has been generated by blog content that answers specific questions including whether or not Acura has remote start, Acura making hybrid cars, Acura model trim comparisons, etc.
  • Trim comparisons have become an integral part of content strategy as they hit on low funnel shoppers who know what they want but don’t know they trim level, so with this specific page it provides them with specifics to help them find the vehicle right for them

Encouraging a Long Term Content Strategy

  • While content strategy has changed between new vehicles, used vehicles, CPO, and even EV, the long term strategy is to create custom content pieces ahead of time to give google ample time to crawl and index our pages

Diversifying and Interlinking the Content Created

  • Optimizing their YouTube and embedding custom videos within content pages also served as a strategy to diversify the content we create and be more engaging to viewers while also adding traffic to their YouTube

Traffic Over the Last Year

Jan 1, 2023 – Jan 1, 2024

Over the last year, we have seen Organic Search be the primary traffic source that brings customers to the website

Organic Traffic Comparison


When Comparing Year over Year data – Gunn Acura has seen an increase in organic traffic in terms of active users, sessions, and engaged sessions

Active Users




Engaged Sessions


In terms, of generating New Users to come to the Gunn Acura site, Organic Search was the primary channel over the last year

Top Organic Landing Pages

When analyzing top organic landing pages, the usual pages we will see are amongst home pages and VDPs, as they are pages we often drive traffic too and essential pages for the auto shopping journey – Gunn Acura top organic pages involve custom content we had made over time – creating a way for us to funnel shoppers who are looking for specific information

Non-Branded Keywords

Non-branded keywords are as relevant as branded keywords as they are keywords that relate to our products or services being found in searches that do not include the dealership name.

Gunn Acura has a variety of keywords that display a strong presence. Not only are they being found by local seo terms such as ‘Acura San Antonio’ and ‘Acura dealership’ they are being found by keywords and queries that relate specific features and trims of Acura models including acura remote start, tlx trim levels, acura hybrid





Active Users




Engaged Sessions


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