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Connected marketing is effective marketing. You have the advantage when our teams collaborate and integrate their campaigns. Having all of your digital marketing working together under one roof has the benefit of streamlined implementation and a clear, concise message that turns interested shoppers into happy campers.


When was the last time you went to the second page of Google? If you can’t remember, your shoppers probably don’t either. Our proven strategies help RV dealers with their search visibility, get discovered by shoppers in their area, and generate qualified sales opportunities.

We take the time to work with you to fully understand your RV dealership’s brand voice. Our graphics, content, and videos work together to show off your vehicles, and further engage social consumers into taking action on the ad itself. That action can lead to more traffic to your website, more local reach, or more qualified sales opportunities.


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are you there when they search RV dealers near me?

A well managed SEO program consists of more than just links pointing to your homepage. Your site must be free of errors, updated regularly and fully optimized for all the major search engines. We work with you to determine what techniques are best suited for your site and goals. Our team consists of key term masters expert in Google Analytics and Bing.

90% of all sales begin with a Google search, so your GMB has undeniable power. We begin to leverage this power by creating/claiming and then updating separate listings for your sales, service, and parts departments with their own hours so customers can find exactly when they’ll be open. We continue to optimize for maximum local search visibility, publish Google Posts to highlight specials and services, install top selling items in the products carousel, and more.

Our content specialists research competitive density to find the right topics people are searching for and will drive traffic to your website. They are trained in creative writing and keyword strategy. You’ll recognize our articles by their unique partnership style, as we have a special focus on educating our readers about your product or service through rich original content. Our custom content is specifically designed to answer real questions and improve your search engine rankings.

precision targeting quality leads

When it comes to search engine marketing, our method focuses on maximum ROI and high quality leads through precision targeting. Our paid search specialists are fluent in Google as well as Bing. We run pay-per-click campaigns with in-market targeting and audience retargeting through the search and display advertising networks. These are optimized for both desktop and mobile, and each individual campaign has its own conversion tracking and lead mapping.

With advanced bid management, you never need to worry about overspending your budget, and our dynamic inventory advertising allows us to effortlessly retarget customers with your current inventory in mind.

Paid search marketing yields a 50% better conversion rate than organic alone. It’s your opportunity to jump to the front of the line and meet your consumers at the beginning of their search.

seo & content work together

It’s a natural fit. Our Content Specialists work in conjunction with our SEO team to distribute original, compelling content via the web, increasing organic site traffic by building up relevant keyword ranks in target demographic search terms. This integrated model enables businesses of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of consistent online content without the hefty price tag or extensive hiring requirements. 

stop the scroll

PCG’s social team runs mobile-first Facebook and Instagram ads targeting custom and lookalike audiences that are most likely to convert. We create campaigns that promote your brand voice, monthly specials, incentives, and any special events and promotions. Our dynamic inventory advertising presents your inventory to customers in real time, so you never have to worry about advertising products you don’t currently have in stock.

Social media is a crowded, and you’ve got to cut through the noise. We design, program and deliver high-converting mobile ads guaranteed to catch the eye of consumers browsing both Facebook and Instagram. It’s time to stand out from the bland, boring, and generic content and make a statement strong enough to entice your audience to stop scrolling and click on your content.

In our Social Attribution Case Study, we set out to answer the most common questions we heard from dealers and we generated real results. After analyzing Facebook’s Attribution dashboard with a select group of dealers, we were able to quantify social media advertising back to sales. Using a 90-day click and visit/90-day impression window with an Even Credit Attribution Model, we are able to see below that Facebook drove top offline purchases and website visits. There were a total of 76 offline conversions from all sources. 26 of which were from Facebook, all while spending 60% less compared to Google Ads.

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