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Lexus of Bridgewater
SEo case study


Under the Kollective Auto Group, Lexus of Bridgewater has shown tremendous growth in full digital scale. With a focus on sales and service, the SEO strategy is to uphold Lexus of Bridgewater as a luxurious dealership that serves auto shoppers with purpose.

SEO & Website Initial Strategy and Issues

Metadata Inconsistencies

  • As a standard, SEO specialists adhere to best practices for title tags and meta descriptions to be under character count to be visibly seen during general Google search

Hyperlocalization of GEOs

  • Hyperlocalization of GEOs within content and metadata to generate traffic in targeted local areas – While they had focused on areas including Bridgewater, Summit, and Westfield – they also had a focus on broader areas including Morris County and  Central New Jersey

Developing Original, Optimized Content

  • This content improves website rankings, visibility, and caters to all shoppers from high funnel to low funnel – this includes trim comparisons, branding pages, FAQs, leasing options, and much more

Keyword Mapping to Align Website Content with Search Behaviors

  • As an initial strategy keyword mapping helps us understand the best keywords and phrases to use on their popular web pages

Use of Search Console

  • Using Google Search Console we can validate and fix issues that may be impact user experience and site performance including redirects, 404 errors, etc

Use of Non-Branded Keywords

  • The use of non branded keywords allow us to monitor the progress of custom content and allow us to see how visitors are visiting the website.

Natural Disaster Set-Back

  • During their time, Hurricane Ida had caused damage to their store – while they have recovered and reopened successfully – part of SEO / content strategy was creating content about the warehouse they would working out of and eventually their plans to reopen their storefront – during this time there was a focus on Buying Cars from interested sellers, used vehicles, and maintenance routine services

Google Business Profiles Optimization

Optimized Google Business Profile listings for Sales, Service, and Parts profiles

  • We optimized each description, added 10 categories, and implemented UTM tags for the website & menu to help track google_my_business data.

Dedicated EV Charging Station – GBP Profile Management

  • Lexus of Bridgewater also has a dedicated EV charging station GBP profile – with EVs currently on the rise, managing a GBP profile became essential not only as a listing but a specific feature to the dealership

Content Strategy Development

Creation of a Content Calendar

  • The content team & SEO created a content calendar focusing on optimized blog posts, custom pages, and vehicle trim comparisons.

Enhancing the Content with Frequent Website Inbound Keywords & Phrases

  • A majority of organic traffic has been generated by blog content and trim comparisons
  • Trim comparisons have become an integral part of content strategy as they hit on low funnel shoppers who know what they want but don’t know they trim level, so with this specific page it provides them with specifics to help them find the vehicle right for them

Encouraging a Long Term Content Strategy

  • While content strategy has changed between New vehicles, Used vehicles, Certified Pre-Owned, and even EV, the long term strategy is to create custom content pieces ahead of time to give Google ample time to crawl and index our pages

Brand Awareness

  • Brand awareness content became important during their store rebuild and reopening as well – reminding customers they are still open and still reliable dealership to provide luxury experience

Traffic Over the Last Year

Jan 1, 2023 – Jan 1, 2024

Over the past year, Organic Search has dominated as the primary traffic generator. Being able to balance the efforts of paid search and paid social media, organic has generated significant amount of traffic

Organic Traffic Comparison


When Comparing Year over Year data – Lexus of Bridgewater has seen an increase in organic traffic in terms of active users, sessions, and engaged sessions

Active Users




Engaged Sessions


An increase in New Users has occurred in terms of Organic Search for Lexus of Bridgewater as well. 21% increase in new Users from a year over year standpoint

New Users


Top Organic Landing Pages

Part of our content plan revolves around creating custom content that answers questions that customers are looking for, optimizing them to be reliable and have authority in the eyes of Google search engines. Many of the top organic landing pages are pages completed by our content team.

Non-Branded Keywords

Non-branded keywords are as relevant as branded keywords as they are keywords that relate to our products or services being found in searches that do not include the dealership name.

Amongst the Non branded Keywords and queries for Lexus of Bridgewater are local SEO terms and keywords that directly correlate with our custom creation of the informational blog. While “Lexus dealers near me” and “Lexus NJ” are valuable data that shows they are showing up for localized searches, they are showing up for searches regarding trim levels and specific features like remote start and gas type.

  • Amongst the top queries as well are “Lexus TX seating capacity” and “Lexus TX trim levels”. The Lexus TX is a relatively new vehicle to the Lexus brand and these pages were made around September through November. Creating these pages to help promote a vehicle ahead of time is testament to how SEO is continually and will always be a long term strategy.





Active Users




Engaged Sessions


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