Set Your RV Dealership Up for Success with SEO & Social​

by Michele Kowalski & Sarah Knipe

At PCG Digital, creating the building blocks for a successful digital marketing strategy is something we take pride in. As an agency, we utilize the Technology Assessment and Build (TAB) to make sure that each dealership that works with us is following best practices and has their accounts set up properly before we begin building their digital marketing plan. As a team, we looked at I-29’s SEO + Social Media foundation to develop a connected marketing strategy. Michele Kowalski, Senior SEO Specialist, and Sarah Knipe, Senior Social Media Specialist, detail how they develop a strong foundation for RV dealerships through Social Media and SEO. 


Search Engine Optimization

After an initial audit of the I-29 website, we noticed that there was no customized content on current pages, the website was missing major SEO elements, and their Google My Business was not fully optimized. There were also no custom pages built out on the website.

Social Media Consulting

When signing on with PCG Digital, I-29 wanted to take a different approach to their social media strategy. Rather than having us run their social media advertising campaigns,  they wanted to learn the ins and outs to run their social media ads in-house. Thus, we created a social consulting and training program with them.


Search Engine Optimization

For SEO, it is important that we lay all the groundwork on the initial website to set it up for success. For RV dealers, this is an important step in your beginning SEO & Content Strategy. When you start your partnership with PCG, we do a full audit of the website looking for areas of opportunity currently on the website. This consists of visiting all of the website pages and looking at the content and SEO elements on the current page.

After this audit is conducted, we see where content needs to be added, as optimized content is required for best SEO practices. We look for onsite SEO elements on the website that can be added or improved including MetaData, H1s, linking, opportunities to add geotargets to content and alt text on photos.

Laying the groundwork is important to RV dealerships websites, once we update onside content and SEO elements we then move onto custom content.

  • Added custom content to every page that included optimized content with keywords, specific geotargets the dealer wanted to be present for in search results, and appropriate internal linking within the content.
  • Updated Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1s and alt text where applicable on the website. All of these SEO elements help strengthen the website’s presence in search and make them visible.
  • Off Site SEO, optimized their Sales GMB for RV related categories, ensuring UTM tags on URLs, adding a business description, service cities, corresponding hours, Google Posts and started building out Google Products.
  • Started building out custom content on website including Brand Pages. These brand pages are focused on the specific brands that the RV dealership carries. The purpose of these pages is to create visibility in search when someone searches the specific brand. These pages are fully optimized for the brand and the targeting area the dealership is trying to reach.
  • Creating custom blogs on the website that are catered towards long-tail keywords and topics that visitors are searching for, these will bring visitors to your website when they are searching for specific information within the blogs.

Social Media Consulting

During the training and consulting sessions, we met every other week for a several months and followed a detailed social media training schedule. The training via Zoom incorporated deck presentations along with interactive screen sharing. We conducted Q&A sessions with I-29 to ensure they were understanding and implementing the social media strategies.

The training included the following subjects:

  • An Organic Facebook overview
  • Creating A Meta Business Manager
  • Adding the Facebook Page to the Business Manager
  • Creation of an Ads Account
  • Creating a Meta Pixel and Adding it to the back end of their website
  • Adding Payment Information
  • Setting Up Events & Aggregations for the Meta Pixel
  • Verifying the Domain
  • Utilizing the Social Sales Funnel to choose Campaign Objectives and KPIs to align with business goals.

  • Ads Manager Organization
  • Special Ads Categories & The Housing, Employment & Credit Policy
  • Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad level attributes and creation process
  • Creative Tips
  • How To Prepare for iOS14 with the new security and privacy features
    Campaign Types To Run
  • How to Read Reporting
  • Bi-Weekly Consulting on campaigns running & results

Next steps

For SEO, Michele will continue to build out custom content, as well as work with off-site SEO elements. This will strengthen the visibility of I-29 RV’s website in search results and gain more Organic Traffic to the website.

As a result of Sarah’s social media training and consulting program, I-29 client has learned everything from the start up process, to campaign creation, to learning to read reporting and how to make optimizations. I-29 is now able to create campaigns independently and feels a sense of confidence in doing so. Going forward, we continue to meet with them monthly and help make educated strategy recommendations based on the needs and wants of their business and marketing goals.

Learn how PCG Digital can help set your dealership up for success with our RV Services by contacting us today. 

"We love the flexibility of services at PCG. Each company is unique and has their own situation with digital marketing. For our company, I needed an experienced team to run our Google Ads and manage our SEO. But, I also wanted to further my knowledge in Facebook Advertising. Not only have they helped us meet our digital marketing goals, but I have also learned valuable lessons on Google Ads and Facebook Advertising through our weekly sessions."
Samantha Woodward
Marketing Manager
I-29 RV Supercenter