by Meaghan Barry

Cutting Through The Noise

Sometimes, the message of “why buy here?” or “why visit us?” can be white noise when other competitors in the prospective market have a similar message. PCG Digital strives to create innovative strategies that separate clients from their competition. Social Specialist Meaghan implements this approach when she creates/manages Facebook advertisements for her clients.


Toyota World of Lakewood takes a different approach when asking qualified shoppers to visit. They have a strong emphasis on community and believe in having a meaningful impact in what they do. This not only applies to people in their surrounding areas, but it applies to their furry friends as well!

In October of 2018, they hosted a Trunk or Treat Pet Adoption that had several vendors participating to fill the evening with entertainment for children and pets alike. To spread the message about the event, Toyota World of Lakewood turned to the PCG team to develop a campaign to highlight this occasion.


Meaghan wanted to test two methods to bring people to the dealership. She crafted two campaigns that focused on Facebook event responses and website traffic. For the event ad, she had the ad sets target custom audiences and look-alike audiences. The ad sets went to the same ad that allowed the audience to read about the event and indicate if they would be attending.

Meaghan found inspiration in the message behind the event. “As an avid dog-lover myself, I was truly inspired by Toyota World of Lakewood’s generosity to host a pet adoption at their dealership.”

She collaborated with her team to deliver high-quality marketing campaigns to maximize the dealership’s potential attendance. For her traffic ad, she worked with the SEO team to create a page dedicated to the trunk or treat pet adoption. Laura Bonawits, SEO specialist, and Sarah Ulaky, the content writer on the account, built a landing page providing important information regarding the Trunk or Treat. Additionally, the team coordinated with the graphics team to ensure that the graphics Meaghan was using for advertisements would sync with the ones on the landing page. Meaghan strategically utilized this page in her traffic ads that targeted custom and look-alike audiences.

Being a well-rounded employee came in handy

“Coming from the SEO side of PCG Digital, I realized how beneficial it can be when Social and SEO are intertwined. Not only does this offer me the opportunity to test new methods for Facebook advertising, but this also opens the pathway for our team to work synchronously.”


With the assistance of the PCG team, Toyota World of Lakewood was able to spread the message about the event and help them generate an incredible turnout. In total, Facebook tracked at least 34 people went to the event. Furthermore, this ad had a “learn more” button that lead them back to Toyota World of Lakewood’s website to explore what else the dealership had to offer.

The traffic speaks for itself:

Link Clicks
Unique Link Clicks
Landing Page Views
Facebook Relevancy Score
0 /10

Denise, PCG Digital’s VP of Marketing, was ecstatic with the results of the campaign:

“Meaghan brings a unique skill-set of understanding what content helps social consumers convert. She makes sure the social consumers are comfortable with what they’re seeing in their newsfeed.”