growth year over year


units sold in August


units sold Labor Day Weekend

Hoblit Dodge worked with their team at PCG to help promote Ram 2500 models from August through the end of Labor Day (September 4th) using Automotive Inventory Ads for Automotive.


The month of August leading into Labor Day weekend is a big opportunity for dealerships to move units off their lot. Hoblit Dodge wanted to sell as many RAM 2500 models as they could in August through the end of Labor Day. They had a great special in place and wanted to get the word out through social advertising. They asked the team at PCG how they could move the units quickly and grow their sales of the RAM 2500 models. They were looking to sell 5 VINs in particular to kick off the campaign.


The social team at PCG put into place an advertising strategy on Facebook and Instagram using the carousel format and dynamic advertising for automotive. A carousel ad was created displaying the 5 units provided by Hoblit Dodge, with each image going to the VDP page of that vehicle. This campaign was targeted to all interested parties in the area using interests and custom audiences on Facebook. Two campaigns utilizing dynamic were set up to run alongside the carousel campaign. One campaign was segmented for all Ram 2500 models that were in the inventory lineup at Hoblit Dodge. The other dynamic campaign was set up to retarget all inventory. The goal was for every person who clicked through on the carousel ad to be retargeted with that vehicle and other Ram 2500 models through dynamic advertising on Facebook. The strategy as well was to retarget these customers for other vehicles they may have shopped for on the Hoblit Dodge website.


The client saw 37% growth year over year, while selling all 5 of the initial RAM 2500 models that they wanted to move. In total they sold 403 vehicles in the month of August, including 100 total vehicles from Friday August 31st through Monday September 3rd. The client also sold 8 more RAM 2500 models month over month compared to July.

In the end, the PCG social team helped Hoblit Dodge achieve their goal of increasing Ram 2500 sales and brand awareness about their dealership into the holiday weekend.

Key Performing Indicators

52 leads tracked from Facebook’s event pixel
68,848 social consumers reached
9,633 social consumers clicked through to website
413,009 Impressions on Facebook and Instagram