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Marija Cvetkovska


BDC: Old School VS. New School

Are your BDC's tactics outdated? Do those “old school” tactics still work or is it time to approach from a new direction? PCG's Paid Search Manager and resident BDC expert, Marija Cvetkovska, discusses with host Matt Wilson.

Glenn Pasch


Dealers Pushing Back: Learning Strategies

For someone who coaches A LOT of dealers, there's no single answer to the question: How do dealers learn best? Find out how Glenn Pasch approaches educating dealers in this jam-packed 10 minute discussion with host Paul Daly.

Brian Pasch


Determining Your Purpose!

Brian Pasch sat down with JM Ryerson from Let's Go Win and broke down the basics of how to create your marketing strategy and platform. What are the three legs of that "marketing" stool? Are you effectively using any of those legs to build your brand?

Sarah Ciociola Rocked It At Rocks Digital

The insights she shared in her presentations (How To Make Your Facebook Page A Microsite For Your Business), along with the number of PCG team members who supported her by attending and learning together, make us immensely proud!


Automotive Retail Managers Needs New Metrics and KPIs Brian Pasch Podcast

Industry Challenge – it is time we start an inclusive conversation on defining the new metrics and KPIs that will aid managers in improving operation efficiencies for automotive retail operations. I’ll start the conversation and hope that other will join the movement to publish a draft set of modern retailing metrics for #AAAS2021 in November. The metrics should cover variable and fixed operations, so who will join me?

Coming Soon Denise Galiatsatos on The Walk Around Podcast

Denise will be featured on the Walk Around Podcast with Nick Funsch and Danny Vendrell. The episode will launch mid August, in the meantime, take a listen to some of their other guests and episodes.