PCG Paid Search Glossary

A Full Guide To SEM’s Technical Terms

When You Download This Glossary, You Will:

  • Take your first step towards better understanding the world of paid search
  • Gain valuable insight into analyzing your own paid traffic
  • Be able to better understand what your vendors are talking about
  • Make sense of why your money is being spent where it is

More About This Offer From PCG

Paid search is far from intuitive, and PCG is here to make it just a little easier to understand. In easy-to-understand terms, this resource defines a wide variety of often-used SEM terms such as Match Type, CPA, CTR, and CPC.

In no time, you’ll be able to cut through the noise that paid search often makes.

Luckily, the SEM team at PCG is well-versed in these terms and much more. Contact them today if you need experts to break down your paid search campaigns and run them as efficiently as possible.

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