PCG Digital is a digital marketing agency at the forefront of ingenuity in the automotive industry, led by creators and innovators who are on top of all the latest trends to help dealers stay ahead of the competition. SpinCar is an industry-leading merchandising platform provider that works with over 2,500 dealers across 15 countries. Using a unique combination of technology and proprietary data, the company helps dealers deliver more engaging online shopper experiences for a fraction of the cost.


PCG Digital’s three-pronged approach to your digital marketing consists of Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Search Advertising. Cutting edge strategy combined with an attentive team gives you the competitive advantage you need. Whether its creating brand awareness, increasing organic visibility of your website, or effectively spending your marketing budget to attract qualified shoppers, PCG does it all, and you get your own dedicated team of specialists working on your account to ensure consistent strategy and a personalized connection you won’t get anywhere else.


SpinCar takes the word “revolutionary” to a whole new level–with its patented 360-degree vehicle presentation using the Ricoh camera, dealers create a more engaging VDP experience than ever for consumers. An independent study of 4,500 U.S. auto dealers revealed that those using SpinCar technology generated 36% faster inventory turn, resulting in an average of $1,300 in holding costs saved per car. SpinCar makes it easy and intuitive to capture vehicle images, and the company can retarget customers with custom display ads based on the type of vehicle they looked for, the features they are interested in, and where in the sales funnel they are. It’s the industry’s most powerful digital merchandising platform available today.


The partnership between PCG Digital and SpinCar brings more shoppers and a more engaging shopper experience to your dealer website, which in turn generates more conversions and improves your bottom line. When cost-cutting technology meets a committed team of professionals, you get the competitive edge the other guys don’t have.


Denise Casagrande, President & COO of PCG Digital, worked her way from the ground up as a Social Media Specialist by implementing social advertising advancements and helping dealers to understand how they work in tandem with other digital services to provide a robust digital marketing strategy. Her book, Can You See Me Now?, became the first social media blueprint for the notoriously late-adapting automotive industry and educated dealers on her Auto Social Sales Funnel.

As a speaker at many national automotive and digital marketing conferences, Denise has become a force to be reckoned with in the auto industry, making her the perfect partner for the next step in your digital growth.


Devin Daly is an accomplished technology executive and keynote speaker. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of SpinCar, the global leader in digital automotive merchandising technology. Before founding SpinCar, Devin was focused on helping large fashion and eCommerce brands like Louis Vuitton and Converse leverage interactive merchandising capabilities to optimize their business performance. Devin’s experience in working with thousands of auto dealerships and OEMs across 15 countries has provided him with unique insight into the challenges facing today’s dealerships and the capabilities they are employing to overcome them.

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