For two summers, Denise has brought you the Summer of Social Webinars, where she walks attendees through the ins and outs of social branding and advertising. This year, she’s being joined by the whole social media team at PCG Digital! Together, they have created a structured 4 part webinar series to not only motivate attendees to advance in social, but to also understand what drives results.

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Marissa Karahuta

Social Media Specialist

May 15th

Organic Social Media and Influencer Marketing

This episode of Social of Summer will examine how to create engaging content and grow your organic social media presence. Marissa will discuss how to post organically on social media, what type of content should be posted, and how to grow your presence on social media. Learn about influencer marketing and how to incorporate it into your social strategy.

Meaghan Barry

Social Media Specialist

June 12th

Audience Building

In this installment of Summer of Social, Meaghan will dive into the different types of audiences that you can build on Facebook. Find new ways to optimize your audience by including (and excluding) people who would be a perfect target for your ad. Meaghan will offer her best practices to making custom, broad, and lookalike audiences and how that affects your bottom line.

Sarah Ciociola

Social Media Specialist

July 17th


This episode of Summer of Social will discuss all of the different creative formats advertisers can utilize through paid Facebook advertising. Sarah will analyze formatting for specific platforms, personal experiences of what works and doesn’t work on social, and give insight on taking time to think outside the box when it comes to creativity in social advertising.

Denise K. Casagrande


August 14th

Auto Inventory Advertising

In the final episode of Summer of Social, Denise will walk you through Automotive Inventory Advertising for Facebook. VIN-specific campaigns on Facebook are unique to your customers depending on their shopping patterns. There’s a reason this webinar will be the final one in the Summer of Social–join Denise to see how everything you learned ties together to better promote your inventory and sell more cars in the process.

Nick Haberstroh

Graphic Designer

Guest-starring PCG Digital Graphic Designer, Nick!

Nick is a graphic designer and video editor. He spends most of his time working in the Adobe Creative Cloud bouncing primarily between Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. He specializes in social content creation, logo & icon design, and branding.

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