3 Facebook Advertising Mistakes You Might Be Making - PCG Digital

1.Campaign Budget Optimization vs. Ad Set Budget


Facebook Ads Manager offers two budget options for advertisers when creating campaigns. Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) allows advertisers to set their budget on the campaign level and optimize the budget across ad set levels. Ad Set budgeting allows advertisers to create budgets at specific ad set level. This means if you have two ad sets, they will each have their own budget and spend their own budget even if they are not performing well. Using CBO is best practices, especially when you have more than one ad set, because Facebook will use your one budget to maximize your ad set spending amongst all ad sets. CBO helps make sure that your budget is being optimized by dedicating budget to the ad sets that are driving the best results.

2. Optimizing the Ad Delivery for Link Clicks over Landing Page Views


Have you ever scrolled through your news feed and accidentally clicked on an ad but exited out before the page loaded? That would be considered a link click when viewing ad results. Link clicks take into account when someone clicks on the ad but that doesn’t guarantee that the person interacted with the landing page. If there is a pixel installed on the website, the ad delivery optimization for traffic ads should be landing page views. Landing page views are considered results when someone clicks on the ad and lets the page load. Landing page views offer better and more accurate reporting results than link clicks do, which helps determine ROI on social advertising.

3.Utilizing the Same Ad Objectives for Every Ad


Facebook Ads Manager currently offers 11 different ad objectives. It’s important to learn each one and understand how each one can work for a company’s advertising strategy. For example, if you’re posting a video ad, sometimes traffic might be the correct ad objective, but other times, video views might help your ad perform better. If you’re trying to get your name out there, brand awareness or reach could both work, depending on your end goal. If you want to generate more leads, lead generation might be the best objective whereas if you want to receive more messages to your inbox, messages objective would perform better. Its best to understand your advertising strategy and needs to determine which objective will perform best rather than stick to the same three objectives that you have mastered.

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