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By the year 2020, nearly 40% of all consumers will belong to Generation Z. A title given to those born after 1995, Generation Z is comprised of true digital natives; consumers who have been exposed to the world of digital since they could sit up. As a result, it has become second nature for this generation to cross-reference information sources. The world of digital marketing is very much their entire life, and with this comes a new challenge to marketers. How do we reach a world of consumers who are so submerged into this marketing medium? What will it take to impress them?

First, marketers have to ask themselves, “Who is Generation Z? What do they stand for?”

The members of Generation Z do not define themselves. They do not label, they do not exclude, and they are the first generation to favor dialogue over confrontation when presented with a dilemma. This generation very much wants to express their unique attributes, and relate to brands who allow them to do so.

They are the next wave of powerful consumers that are going to make or break your business. Adjust your digital marketing strategy with these tips now to prepare for the powerful wave of Generation Z.

Utilize The Platforms They Are Already On

More often than not, you will find a Gen Z scrolling through their social feeds. Bring your brand to them through a strong social media marketing strategy. Incorporate a range of graphic mediums (video, carousel, etc.) and keep your messaging to the point and individualized. Utilize a mobile first strategy that includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and the latest apps. Sales gimmicks on television and desktop are a thing of the past!

Sell A Lifestyle, Not A Product

Chances are, whatever you’re trying to sell to Gen Z, they can buy from dozens of other places. Don’t just sell your product, sell the lifestyle they will gain by purchasing that product. Selling a brand new car? Sell the boosted ego, latest and greatest technology features, and all of the success they will receive by incorporating your product into their unique lives.

No Fluff

Get to the point. Gen Z scrolls through thousands of ads a day, and they certainly do not have the time or desire to read an entire paragraph about your product. This generation is accustomed to making decisions quickly, even if that decision is scrolling past your ad vs. taking their time to see what it is all about. Be eye-catching and relatable.


The days of simple advertising meeting the benchmark is long behind us. It is important now more than ever to entertain your target market, especially when that target market is Gen Z. Don’t just inform them, delight them using fun creative like video and interactive marketing.

The future is now and that future is Generation Z. The next time you are refurbishing your marketing strategy, make sure to keep personalized digital experiences at the forefront!

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