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Who doesn’t love a good rebrand?! I know I sure do, and I’m thrilled Facebook announced their newest one at this year’s NADA Show. As of January 25th, the social media giant’s latest advancement to dynamic ads for auto, now known as Auto Inventory Ads, is available to all dealership marketers.

The Evolution of Inventory Ads at PCG Digital

When dynamic advertising burst onto the scene in 2017, we weren’t working with a developer or partner to be able to pull inventory feeds from the dealership website. When I caught wind of the newest technology to take over automotive marketing, I knew we had to keep up. I taught myself and my team to manually create inventory feeds so that we could display specific VINs to social consumers based off their website activity tracked by the dealership’s Facebook pixel code. We would ask each month for 10 specific VINs to push, and tediously pull out all the parameters to create the feed. It looked like this:


Once uploaded into the catalog asset in Facebook Ads Manager as a one-time upload, the ad circulated with the 10 VINs to anyone who had already showed interest in the vehicles by landing on the VDP page.

Fast forward to 2019, and not only are we not manually creating the feeds anymore, but for the past year we’ve been working with a great partner to offer full dynamic advertising services to our clients. This now includes the rebranded auto inventory ads.

Why The Rebrand?

This will open up Facebook to provide more retargeting capabilities to their clients that isn’t solely based off pixel traffic. Now, depending on what someone is searching, how they’re searching, and if they’re comparing vehicles, the auto inventory feed will kick in and serve the social consumer the vehicles they were looking at. Pretty cool, right?

This is a perfect rebrand and essential advancement to not only Facebook’s ongoing suite of products, but to automotive marketing as a whole. It makes putting out the right message at the right time easy, efficient, and most importantly–fun.

Do you have any questions about how Auto Inventory Ads and PCG Digital go hand in hand? Reach out. We’re always happy to chat.





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