by Eric Lupardi & Sarah Ciociola

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

At PCG Digital, collaboration is the name of the game. With a team mentality, we are constantly working with one another to produce the best results for our clients. As an agency, we take pride in leveraging each other’s work to enhance our strategy.


At the end of 2018, Mercedes-Benz of Princeton presented our team with the challenge of creating and marketing a page to preorder the 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class, a model new to the market and never before seen. SEO Specialist Eric Lupardi and Social Media Specialist Sarah Ciociola’s first thought was collaboration. They quickly put their heads together to create a strategy that would put the Mercedes-Benz A-Class model in front of as many potentially qualified shoppers as possible.


The first step was the creation of the landing page. They wanted the page to be SEO friendly, but also give the dealer something that they could share organically on various social media channels. The page was created with the keywords in mind “2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Pre Order” and “2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class”. The page was meant to be informative and include a contact form for customers to pre-order the model.

Preview of the A-Class pre-order page

The next challenge? Putting the page in front of as many qualified shoppers as possible, QUICKLY!

In following the creation of the pre-order page, Sarah then needed to create a social media campaign that would target the right people at the right time. To bring these shoppers to Eric’s SEO landing page, Sarah optimized the social media campaign for traffic and landing page views. This optimization allowed Facebook to not only put the campaign in front of the right shoppers but led them to land on the page that Eric created, explore it, and (hopefully) pre-order the new model.


During the first month alone, the campaign generated a large amount of traffic:

First Month January 2019

$ 0
Landing Page Views
People Reached
Preview of the Facebook ad for the A-Class campaign

Full Campaign Overview:

  • Budget: $750
  • Landing Page Views: 1,766
  • Impressions: 74,415 
  • People Reached: 48,268
  • Budget: $250
  • Landing Page Views: 982
  • Impressions: 30,123 
  • People Reached: 22,108 
  • Budget: $250
  • Landing Page Views: 560
  • Impressions: 27,012 
  • People Reached: 17,145
  • Budget: $250
  • Landing Page Views: 224
  • Impressions: 17,280 
  • People Reached: 9,015 

When creating audiences for the social campaign, the strategy was to funnel. The first month of targeting included a broad audience using detailed targeting to reach potentially qualified shoppers in the Mercedes-Benz of Princeton target market. As months followed, they began to customize these audiences based on the Facebook pixel. These custom audiences include web audiences, Facebook engagement audiences, video engagement audiences, and CRM audiences. They then went a step further and created look-alike audiences of each of these custom audiences. This allowed the campaign to reach those potentially qualified shoppers who are similar to the current shoppers but may not have been targeted with our campaigns yet.

Complimenting social media with SEO for the entire Q1 of 2019 allowed us to reach 48,268 people, generate 74,415 impressions, and bring 1,766 directly to the pre-order page at only $750.

It is no secret that SEO and Social Media alone are both great tools for your digital marketing. Uniting both marketing efforts to achieve the same goal may provide you with results that exceed your expectations, as seen with the Mercedes-Benz of Princeton A-Class campaign.

"During the launch of the all-new 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class, PCG constructed a page on my website for the new model. With our SEO, SEM, & Social Media efforts the page did a fantastic job in reaching and educating my customers on the new baby Benz. My team at PCG understood my wants and put together a campaign that surpassed my expectations.”