Are you tired of...

Overspending on your paid advertising Campaigns?

PCG creates a needs-based plan that focuses on savvy spending and quality conversions from low-funnel shoppers who are ready to buy.

Waiting for answers to your service tickets?

With PCG you’ll have a small team of specialists dedicated to your account and they’re never more than a phone call or email away.

Wondering what it is your money is actually doing?

PCG will closely monitor your services, and on reporting calls, we’ll break it down in clear and simple terms so you’ll never walk away confused.

It is anywhere from difficult to impossible to manage every aspect of the digital landscape. Rather than trying to do it all yourself, why not leave it to an award-winning team of digital marketing specialists who have mastered it all? Our digital services are based on four pillars:

Search Engine Marketing

One of our SEM specialists will work with you to reach elusive hyper-local audiences by identifying what terms and targets to bid on that generate actionable leads, along with extensive keyword and market research.

Social Media Advertising

You’ll reach a broader audience and strengthen your brand voice with a social media specialist, who will create social campaigns to promote your inventory, event, and sales.

Search engine optimization

You’re sure to see improved organic visibility when an SEO specialist optimizes your metadata, alt text, and Google My Business listing, including categories, services, products, photos, hours, UTM-tagged links, and more.

Content Creation

A Content specialist will breathe life into your website with customized content using SEO tactics to provide educational value to consumers and increase your organic Google ranking.

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