we know auto

Dealers are our people and we speak their language. We know the ins and outs of the dealership from the showroom to the service bay. You won’t find a team more familiar with the business or more prepared to take on your challenges than the specialists at PCG.

When it's time to pop the hood

Our Staff Will Investigate To Find Out What's Working and What Is Not.

Our audit teams are trained directly by Brian and Glenn Pasch on how to perform in-depth audits of your digital presence, strategy, customer experience, website and CRM.  The 80+ page reports show hidden issues, opportunities, and provide a path to the highest ROI for your brand. 

hands on consulting with industry experts

Are your current strategies, processes and technologies preventing you from achieving your business goals? PCG’s leaders will work with you to identify issues and create customized solutions so you can move the needle.

We'll let you know

reverse engineering your sales & marketing

Glenn Pasch works hand-in-hand with your leadership staff to develop your vision and then implement it with your sales and marketing partners. He will also work with your team on-site and/or remotely to implement modern lead handling processes and in-store engagement changes that will be needed in order to deliver the experience you desire for your customers.

  • Create Brand Message
  • Merchandise Website
  • Connect Tech To Process
  • Adapt The Sales Process
  • Assist In Merchandising
  • Build A Marketing Plan

an investment in fixed operations

Many dealers see their largest share of revenue come in through fixed operations, yet they often neglect to make a serious investment promoting this department. PCG has created an advertising package designed to grow the market share of your Parts & Service Departments and gain an edge on competitors who foolishly funnel their ad budgets exclusively into their sales department.