Content Marketing Tips For New Year | Content Is King
After What Seemed Like and Eternity…

2021 is finally here! Another year means another chance to move forward and find ways to improve. For content marketing writers, we should be periodically refining and updating our goals, strategies, and skills. 

We have endless opportunities to drive high organic traffic to websites, build brand awareness, and create sales. It is just a matter of how we progress in our craft.

Here are three achievable New Year's TIPS for content marketing writers.

1. Update Your Content Strategy


Your content strategy may have worked in the past, but what happens when the results you once had are not showing up anymore? It’s time to update your content strategy. It’s not your fault, systems and strategies become outdated over time. It’s the reason why encyclopedias, floppy disks, and Blockbuster are irrelevant today. 

You don’t have to start from scratch, but make updates where it is needed. Here some steps to follow to update your content your strategy: 


  • Analyze your progress 
  • Keep content that boosts engagement 
  • Remove content that drives audiences away
  • Collaborate and communicate with specialists in your business 
  • Continually brainstorm 

2. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all tend to get comfortable. But there will come a time when that comfort turns into sinking and you become stuck.

Just like your overall content strategy, your content creation needs alterations.

  • Move past the monotonous writing tone and add more personality 

  • Reformat and restructure how you content is written and laid out

  • Stop recycling content – Especially if it is not effective!

  • Incorporate a variety of visual mediums like videos and pictures 


You should still adhere to SEO best practices, as they are the reason your work gets noticed, but don’t be afraid to be different in your execution. Remember, there is an interested customer that is engaging in your work, and you are the reason why they are still there.

3. Get Your Google Analytics Certification

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 4.03.35 PM

Content is king, but data still matters. It matters a lot. You can inject your writing style, voice, and creativity into your work, but if it does not align with the data, your work will make little to no traction. This is where getting a Google Analytics certification can add range to your skills. 

Google Analytics gathers information for you to use to strengthen your writing and reach your business or client goals. Some analytics you will have available include: 

  • Top/Low performing content pages

  • Metrics that drive the most organic traffic to your website (Impressions, New/Returning Visitors, Average number of pages per viewer, Viewership and duration of time spent posts, etc.)

  • High ranking and useful keywords

  • Commonalities between both high and low performing pages

  • Effective subjects and categories

When you take advantage of the free Google Analytics courses and earn the certificate of completion, you will be able to build out an effective content strategy and grasp a better understanding of how your work is consumed through different algorithms.

How will you improve your content in 2021?

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