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“I have to talk to a client today. I must present an audit. After lunch, I’m meeting with my team to discuss strategy. After checking my email, I have to change a few things to my ads as requested by clients. If I have time, I will get to testing that new campaign and see what the results are.”

Sometimes, when you think about your day ahead, it can sound like a grocery list of things to do. You have a list of what you need to get accomplished and subconsciously a list of things you wish you could accomplish.

I was curious what successful people do daily that helps that achieve their goals and ensure their business is growing stronger. Everyone approaches their day differently. Here are some of the few successful ways people breakdown their day and some things you can try!

  1.  Give back in the morning. Start your day with gratitude and being charitable. Adam Grant, a famous organizational psychologist, says it’s better to start your day helping someone else instead of worrying about your problems. Not only that, it is also motivating to start your day helping someone else, as well as promote positively throughout your day.
  2.  Catch up on email early. Tim Cook is known for sending emails at 4:30 a.m. That’s because he carves time early in the day to tackle his inbox. His method of breaking the email addiction is looking at it early because it will also prioritize what you need to structure your day from that point. After he finishes his email check, he heads to the gym and begins his day. It’s one less task off his to do list.
  3. “What good have I done today?” Benjamin Franklin asked that question every evening. To be successful, you cannot remain the same. You must continually to strive to be different, think outside the box, and challenge yourself how you can be better. Don’t let this be just professional goals either. You can also reflect how you can be better in your personal life!

These methods will not only optimize how your day goes, but can help identify your MITs (most important tasks). Try applying one of these strategies at least for one month and you’ll be sure to notice a difference in your mood and workflow!


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