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With the approach of Quarter 2, this is the perfect time to reboot your energy and review the status of your 2019 goals. Don’t know where to start? Here’s how:


Get out that pen and paper and write down all the goals you set for yourself in the beginning of Quarter 1. While you are writing down these goals, make sure you mark the status of them as well. Did you complete any? If so, give it a check. Are you consistently working toward a few of these goals? Write a quick sentence stating so. Did you completely forget about a few goals you set for yourself? If so, take a minute to answer these three questions:

  • Have you been too busy to start achieving these goals?
  • Are these goals realistic?
  • Why are these goals important for you?

Set Deadlines

After evaluating your goals, you’ll become more aware of what you need to do to complete them. Whether it’s on your lunch break, during your morning coffee, or while you’re relaxing before bed, give yourself an hour to write a plan of action. With that plan of action, you need to set a deadline. Having a deadline allows you to prioritize and stay focused on smaller objectives that help you accomplish your goals whether they be personal or for business

Don’t Let Failures Stop You

Depending on what your goals are, failures along the way can happen. If they do, don’t let these little failures distract you from your meaningful goals. Stay patient, focused and most importantly face these failures to overcome and learn.

Avoid Delays

Delaying is the enemy of success. Sometimes after a busy day, it’s easy to say “I’ll do this tomorrow” or “I’ll save this for another day”. We have all been there and let’s face it, there’s a huge probability that we don’t get whatever we need to be done in the additional timeframe we gave ourselves. When you give yourself excuses and start procrastinating, you are opening the door for spoiling the growth and success of your goals. Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t tell yourself excuses and keep pushing yourself to get what you need to be done, done!

By evaluating your completed and uncompleted goals and reminding yourself of why you set them for yourself in the first place, having these written notes will help refocus, keep you motivated and on the road to success!

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