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What is Display Advertising?

Digital display advertising is graphic advertising on Internet websites, apps or social media through banners or other advertising formats made of text, images, flash, video, and audio. The main purpose of display advertising is to deliver general advertisements and brand messages to site visitors. Wikipedia

Specific to Google Ads, display advertising is graphic/image ads directed at audiences on Google sites. There are also variations of display ads with image and text called responsive ads.  Display campaigns help create awareness for brands, specials or any type of messaging that you want to get through to your customers.  The focus is on impressions, not clicks, because you want to get the banner ads seen.

Should You Have Display Campaigns?

The short answer is yes. Display campaigns create the awareness for your search campaigns.  As we know, most customers don’t purchase on the first interaction with your ads or website.  Display helps keep the customer top of mind while they are in the research and awareness path of the customer journey.

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Are Display Campaigns Effective?

They can be, with the right graphic messaging and conversion strategies. PCG has seen them convert, including within our Automotive Relief Program for car dealerships. At a low cost, we are seeing positive ROI with custom affinity audiences and sales opportunities.  Getting back to the original question, it depends on your industry. Display campaigns are a great choice for car dealership digital strategies, while it may not produce conversions for slow paced/low-margin products like hair clips. However, digital remarketing campaigns are a good choice for all.  Remarketing re-targets the users to your website and keeps your site as a consideration while they are searching on Google.

Overall, the agency that provides you with the strategy and account setup does matter. Contact PCG for any questions you may have.

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