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It’s Monday. Again. As if being controlled by some otherworldly power, you somehow rise out of bed, go about your morning routine, struggle through your commute, and arrive at work at last. Then, you surround yourself with a few bare walls and the glow of your laptop screen.

Does this sound like you?

If you find yourself less productive than usual lately or your cubicle lacking that special touch, something can be done. With just a few simple personal additions, you can turn your bland cubicle into a productive workspace where words and ideas come to you as easily as ink to paper. Here are five ways to make your cubicle feel like home.

  1. Personalize With Pictures

A breathtaking snapshot from a recent vacation, the family enjoying a laugh together, that special someone, or even a furry friend can bring a sentimental feel to your cube. Hanging up photos of whatever is important to you is sure to remind you of happy memories throughout the day.

  1. Customize Your Calendar

Do you like motivational quotes or sayings? What about gorgeous scenery of the Irish countryside? Perhaps you’re binging a certain television show about dragons and a throne. A themed calendar can be a functional and personal accessory to your cube.

  1. Decide On A Desktop

While there are several standard desktop backgrounds to choose from, none of them are particularly exciting. Fitting your desktop with a background that sparks joy or changing with the seasons or months will refresh your workspace and keep things from feeling stale.

  1. Coffee In Your Cup

Bringing in your own coffee mug is a simple touch that can go a long way. Cozying up with your favorite warm beverage as you prepare yourself for the day ahead is sure to put a little extra pep in your step.

  1. Don’t Knock The Knick Knacks

Decorating your space with small trinkets, figurines, toys, and more can lighten up your cube in more ways than you could imagine. Surrounding yourself with things that make you happy and inspire you will elevate your work to the highest level.

Take the time to make your workspace your own. You won’t regret the comfort it brings.

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