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Facebook advertising can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. However, these four basic principles apply to the most intricate ads, as well as the most simplistic. Keep these principles in mind when you’re creating your ads and you will easily see success in your campaigns.

  1. Make It Visually Appealing

    You know based on your own experience on Facebook or Instagram; there are certain ads you see that will make you stop and click on the ad. They stand out, whether they are interactive or are a video ad. When you’re creating your advertisements, it’s crucial to have them stand out and capture your audience’s attention. Through testing, you’ll begin to understand your audience and what designs or kinds of ads that will stop them from scrolling and look at your ad. Also, be sure to follow Facebook guidelines when it comes to graphics: too much text on Facebook will negatively impact your rank. Be bold, be creative, and don’t be afraid to stand out.

  2. It’s Relevant To Your Audience

    This may seem obvious, but it can be easily overlooked. Consider your product: who would benefit from it? Who would be tempted to purchase it or explore the product further? From advertising apparel to advertising something like vehicles, you’ll need to understand your market. Once you’ve started running your campaign, Facebook will answer your questions if your audience is responding. Depending on your campaign objective, take a look at Facebook Analytics. If you’re running a brand awareness campaign, how is the estimated ad recall? For traffic ads, take a look at the landing page views, as well as the cost per result for landing page views. Video views are simply making sure people are watching them! If you find the numbers are not reflecting positively, it may be time to reexamine your audience.

  3. The Product Is Desired

    Specials are always an easy way to attract people’s attention on Facebook. If you have a special service or any major clearance events happening around holidays, make sure you highlight that in the ad copy or the graphic. However, it doesn’t always need to advertise a special! Lifestyle ads can work so the prospective client can imagine themselves in that situation. For instance, a video ad that demonstrates how to bake cookies would be wonderful for someone who is an avid baker and may influence them to take some time to try out that recipe.

  4. Give Your Audience a Call-To-Action

    You caught them with your creative graphic, you enticed them with your message, and now, you need a way to get them to complete the goal of the ad. Leaving a clear call to action will help convince your target market what they should do next with what you are selling. Should they call you and schedule a test drive? Should they pre-order it now? Should they sign up? Give them direction and they will follow!

While creating your ads, keep these four principles in mind. As always, if you find that after running your campaign for some time, you are not producing the results you were hoping for, reexamine your ad at all three levels (campaign, ad set, and ad level) and see what you can edit that may improve the ad.

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