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An Unprecendented Shopping Season

"More than 70% of shoppers will purchase more things online this year based on the current online shopping trends."

As always, the holiday season causes havoc amongst businesses and consumers; more so this year than ever before. Based on previous years’ forecasting models, it was predicted that holiday shopping would convert to mostly online purchases as each year progresses. However, with the current situation faced with Covid-19, more than 70% of shoppers will purchase more things online this year based on the current online shopping trends; which is more than ever anticipated. As marketers and paid search specialists, it is important to stay on top of these trends. Here are some helpful tips to have a successful online holiday season: 


As the holidays approach, the mindsets of consumers change. They are drawn towards better promotional deals than other times of the year because it is expected. Standing out amongst competitors by having better and more unique offers and incentives will keep you as a business relevant. Knowing that it is expected for consumers to look for discounts and deals around the holidays, it is imperative to plan and create promotions that will attract consumers to your brand rather than others. What discounts did your competition offer last year? Can you do better this year knowing more people will be seeking offers online? If so, think of ways to implement those promotions into a new ad copy, display ad or even pre-roll video.


Keywords are crucial for quality paid search campaign success. That being said, it is important to stay on top of which keywords consumers are searching while staying relevant to your campaign, especially during this upcoming holiday season. Competition amongst broad holiday terms are incredibly high and almost useless to integrate them into your campaigns. You ultimately want to spend money on keywords you know are going to make consumers progress through the marketing funnel with the inevitable goal of converting. As always, it depends on your specific marketing tactics as everyone has different end goals as well as campaign goals. Therefore, search phrases sculpted towards what your focus is can go a long way and have the greatest impact during this holiday season.

How to Update Your Old Content

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is also recommended to increase your paid search budget during this time of year. Taking a look at this year’s campaign performance and fluctuations compared to your competitors’ is the best way to gauge your budget for the remainder of the year. Different industries will be trying to buy the same ‘holiday’ focused keywords which is why increasing the budget will help you win those words over your competitors. In other words, allocate more resources and funding to paid search as cost per click will go up during the holiday season especially for holistic seasonal keywords. Ideally, during the holiday season you will be able to examine which campaigns and which keywords are driving more conversions. This will enable you as a company to optimize not only the campaigns but also the budget strategy.

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