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You know that Google has one goal, made clear in their mission statement: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” What you might not know is every quarter, Google releases a core update, or sweeping changes to their search algorithm that greatly impacts the way users see search results.

The most recent core update, aptly named the May 2020 Core Update, showed extreme volatility in a number of industries, according to SEMrush. One of the industries that seems to be on the right side of that volatility–if only a little–is our very own, the automotive industry.

Google Core Update

No need to panic if you were negatively impacted. Google rolls out smaller, unnoticeable updates every day. It only makes sense that the May 2020 Core Update was a volatile one–after all, we are living in a volatile world. With everything around us operating under a new standard of normalcy, it’s nice to know the things you need to combat the negative impact or maintain the positive impact the update may have had on your rankings stay the same.

What Can I Do To Improve or Maintain My SEO Ranking After the Core Update?

Ready for a groundbreaking statement?

Quality content is still important.

Okay, maybe nothing too groundbreaking–but listen to Google on this one. Their recommendations for dealing with this core update remains the same as their recommendations for every other one:

  • Make original content
  • Focus on providing the most useful content you can to users
  • Is the rest of your website representative of an authority on the subject matter you write about?
  • Is the content free of spelling and grammatical errors?


You get the gist of it. They may never tell us the recipe for their secret sauce, but if you make good content for humans, Google will reward you.

Besides, couldn’t we all use a little change from time to time?

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