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The average individual spends 40+ hours a week in an office setting for their day job. That is a large chunk of our lives that wind up hanging around in one of the least eco-friendly places. It is important for every single person and every company to do their part and make better choices for our environment.

Filtered Water Cooler

The water coolers that need jug replacements are definitely a thing of the past and create more waste than needed. These have been replaced in recent years with filtered water coolers that get hooked up to the water system in the building. Making sure employees and guests have unlimited filtered water access is important and making sure it is as eco-friendly as possible is just as crucial. Also, who doesn’t love witty banter at the water cooler? Are you really working in an office if there isn’t any?

Reusable Water Bottles

In addition to these nifty water coolers that require no waste whatsoever except for future parts, employees should bring in their own reusable water bottles to fill with the filtered water! Having a company order their own water bottles with their logo on it would also be a great marketing initiative to hand out to their employees and advise them to reuse! Promoting hydration will also ensure your employees aren’t falling asleep at their desks from dehydration.

Reusable Plates and Cutlery

Most offices now have kitchens or specific designated break rooms. Filling these rooms with metal silverware or glass / ceramic dishes and bowls will help cut down on overall waste. Some employees wind up eating at least two meals a day in the office and supplying them with proper utensils will also help them feel at home.

Promoting environmental changes such as these will greatly reduce the amount of waste your office produces, which in turn cuts down on costs. If a company is constantly supplying their employees with plastic dishes, utensils and cups, they are just wasting money and resources which could be put back into their company and employees.

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