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Most consumers considering a high-priced purchase such as an automobile, will need assistance in the decision making process. With so much information available on the internet, businesses need to create content that answers simple questions that customers may have. Too often businesses create content only highlighting their sales or specials, assuming consumers understand everything the business does.

Business owners may think customers already understand their business and do not see the value of this content. Perhaps they feel they would be talking down to customers by creating content that sheds light over basic questions. The risk of not creating this content is taking customers for granted.

Here is an example of helping all customers understand your business.

During this year’s NFL schedule, Nickelodeon hosted a NFL game for the very first time. Nickelodeon is primarily a network for children with programs like SpongeBob SquarePants, so this seemed like an unlikely partnership but due to re-scheduling conflicts, the NFL reached out to multiple networks about hosting a game. Nickelodeon presented a plan to use their brand to reach their audience and infuse it into a NFL telecast that interacts with not only adults, but children as well.

The network made this audience engagement unique by providing viewers with a thorough understanding of what happened during each play, as the NFL and Nickelodeon understood that most of their viewers likely wouldn’t be typical everyday NFL fans. By utilizing Snapchat-type filters on the players, putting SpongeBob’s face in between the goal posts, showing team’s getting “slimed” when they scored (slime is used in one of the network’s popular children’s game shows), or by having Young Sheldon, an actor on a popular CBS show, come on to explain the penalty flags and what they meant, the broadcast was unlike any other in NFL history.


The announcers were a mix of ex-players and TV personalities from their channel. Gabriella Nevaeh Green, who did not understand the game as an expert took on the role asking questions the audience may be thinking. 

For example, she asked Nate Burleson, an ex-player, “what did it feel like to be tackled?” and “Why do they seem like they are rushing around at times and what exactly is the quarterback saying.” All of these questions lead to answers that were informative and that helped connect their new viewer base to the NFL product.

This same approach can be applied to the car buying process in the automotive space.

Recently, a dealership owner asked for help on a more effective way to provide information to consumers on available incentive programs. Incentive programs are discounts for certain individuals, first responders, teachers, medical, veteran, etc. and can at times, be confusing.

The dealer did not want to list all of the incentives on every vehicle page, feeling it would mislead the public on the actual vehicle’s price. On the other hand, many of his competitors were following this strategy so he felt obligated to follow as well.

At PCG Digital, one of our main priorities is to help our clients provide a great experience for their online customers. 

One of our strategies is to create content that answers common questions and in this case, we recommended creating a video to discuss how pricing works. Take time discussing how incentives work and how someone could apply for each in simple terms.

Second, create a landing page where text and a video could be located explaining this topic. Then on the product page of each vehicle, there could be a button stating, “learn more about incentives”. 

Measuring how many customers click this page can help validate this effort and even if the number is not insurmountable, having this information available shows consumers the dealership is willing to help. Most likely this dealership will be the only one in the market providing this content.

Here are a few examples:

These types of videos and explanations can also be used for creating content regarding Fixed Operations or servicing customer vehicles.

All in all, taking the time to create this content with the focus of answering consumer questions will help gain trust and ultimately more opportunities to grow business. Don’t be afraid to ask the simple questions and maybe even get Slimed!!!

If you found this helpful please share and don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally if you need help implementing these strategies. Looking to learn more? 

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Glenn Pasch

Glenn Pasch is a Partner and CEO of PCG Digital. Glenn continues to author articles for multiple industry publications, blogs and forums as well as continuing his writing online at

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