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  1. A person or thing on which something depends or turns; the central or crucial factor.
  2. The act of turning on or as if on a pivot.

In business, the term pivot has become synonymous with change. For many leaders, the struggle of deciding if you need to pivot or when and how you need to pivot can be overwhelming.

We have seen many successful examples of companies that have shifted their focus in order to move in a different direction. We have also seen examples where the pivot did not lead to success.

I feel in some of these cases it was the lack of execution marketing the pivot, not the decision itself to go in a different direction.

Let’s take some of the work I am doing with my brother for a manufacturer helping their dealers implement new Digital Retailing tools.  Brian shared a great article listing some of the initial considerations for a dealer, yet I would add in another focus for dealers as well–the marketing of the new tools to consumers.

Let’s assume for a moment the new Digital Retailing tool has been chosen, the integration with current processes has been completed, and the staff is well trained on how to assist customers who use the tool (this by itself is a lot to accomplish).

What has to happen now is there must be marketing to the consumer on how to use the tool, why it will make the process of buying a car easier, and what to expect when they come into the dealership.

To do this, here are three things you could implement:

  1. Create a home page banner, or maybe a badge/burst letting consumers know the tool is there to help them.
  2. Create a landing page with a video explaining all of the benefits of the tool as well as a step by step walk through of each stage of use. I would recommend doing a screen capture showing someone use the tool.
  3. Create a page of testimonials from customers who have used the tool and have them share their experience focusing on the points of ease and time it saved.

As a bonus, I would create an awareness campaign across your social media channels highlighting the tool and the customers who used it. This could be a differentiator in your market if you are one of the first who have Digital Retailing tools and your customers have enjoyed success using them.

Like any change you make, you need to tell your audience what is happening if you are looking to maximize this new technology.

If you’re looking for more information, I will be hosting a panel at the upcoming Digital Marketing Strategies Conference from May 19th -21st in Napa, titled “What I Wish I Knew Before Implementing Digital Retailing“.

I will be spending a good deal of time on this subject, because I have a feeling it may be something many wish they had focused on more.

If I can help in any way, please reach out to myself or my team at PCG Digital.

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