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Social Media Advertising, specifically in the Automotive vertical, is vastly different from what it was three years ago. Advertisers are no longer sending a majority of their social traffic to their website and dealers are finally realizing how important branding is.

As dealers enter the second quarter of 2022, it’s important they are utilizing social media advertising strategies that are up to speed with our newfound privacy-first digital climate.

PCG Digital knows that it can be daunting to constantly keep up with digital trends – so we are doing it for you! Check out some 2022 social media advertising strategies that every dealer should have in their toolbox:

TikTok- Having An Organic and Paid Presence

If you’re not organically on TikTok, you’re behind. Chances are your competition already is. Are we asking you to dance around the dealership for social clout? No, but having an effective organic TikTok strategy is something every dealer needs in their social marketing toolbox. Young millennials and Generation Z are your up and coming car buying market and, guess what, they’re on TikTok! Use this platform to showcase your brand, educate your community, and become a true thought leader in your space.

Once you have your organic strategy down, take the TikTok platform a step further by implementing advertising. Right now, branding is the best kind of advertising strategy you can implement on TikTok as a car dealership. These branding ads are measured with KPI’s similar to Facebook branding campaigns like reach, impressions, and estimated ad recall.

On-Facebook Destination Advertising

Are you still sending your Facebook ads to your website? If you are, you’ll want to get caught up on why you should be incorporating On-Facebook Destination Advertising into your paid social media marketing strategy. With cookies disappearing and data privacy being at the forefront of digital, advertisers need to make a pivot. This includes auto dealers! Strategies like Automotive Inventory Advertising to Marketplace and On-Facebook Lead Generation campaigns are proving successful for our clients within the Automotive space.


Keep in mind that when you utilize a strategy like On-Facebook destination advertising, you won’t see as much social traffic in Google Analytics. This does not mean that your advertising isn’t working, it simply means that your metrics are staying on the Facebook platform. Dealers and advertisers should rely on the backend of Facebook to measure the success of these campaigns, not Google Analytics.

Other Organic Strategies

Just because you are not advertising on a social platform does not mean that you should not have an organic strategy for it. Dealers should organically be active on the following social platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

So, who should be executing these organic strategies? Dealer’s need to invest in an in-house Marketing Coordinator to keep their organic social media presence up to speed. PCG Digital offers webinars, LinkedIn lives, and playbooks to help dealers drive these strategies for optimal engagement.

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