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Like any local business with an online presence, you probably already have a full suite of SEO tools at your disposal. However, one of the most overlooked of these tools is often the most detrimental to homing in on your leads, and that is call tracking.

Call tracking will not only save thousands of dollars of potentially wasted advertising spend, but it will also home in on the specific marketing channels your leads are engaging with. Knowing this can provide critical insight into organically growing your website’s content and integrating data from call tracking to drum up more leads.

Why Has Call Tracking Been Overlooked?

Figuring out which marketing channel is performing the best and which ads to spend more money on seems like a pretty obvious strategy to adhere to. So why have so many dealerships avoided utilizing call tracking?

Unfortunately, Google’s NAP requirements were often a deterrent for many businesses from employing cvall tracking. For some time, Google’s NAP requirements weren’t exactly conducive to implementing call tracking. Google dictated that a company’s NAP needs to be consistent throughout the company’s website. Since call tracking implements the use ofusing different numbers for different marketing channels (Google ads, Facebook ads, direct mail, etc), this would conflict with Google’s requirements and thus penalize a website by making it appear lower in search results.

Fortunately, with today’s call tracking services, conflict between Google’s algorithm and a business’ NAP is a thing of the past. Today, call tracking centralizes your various market channels’ phone numbers by forwarding calls made via those numbers to your company’s local phone number. Simply put, call tracking works around Google’s NAP requirements by making Google believe your leads are still calling your local number.

How Call Tracking Amplifies Content & Vice Versa

Employing a call tracking service may provide a more accurate picture of the success of your ads, and therefore save your business’ ROI on certain ad campaigns, but another crucial implication to using call tracking is better tailoring and optimizing your content to create more leads and a clearer path of conversion.

Some of the lesser touched upon benefits provided by call tracking include: 

  • Your lead’s geotarget
  • A lead’s activity while on your site
  • Listening in on recorded conversations
  • Keywords that lead people to your website

Keywords, Content, & Call Tracking

The most important utilization of call tracking to enhance your site’s content is knowing what keywords your leads searched for and their targeted location prior to making that call.

For example: 

If your dealer is located in San Bernardino, CA and your call tracking shows an influx of leads from Orange or San Diego searching for A/C repair, then you can now optimize your dealer’s service center page or create custom landing page to cater to those keywords (i.e “A/C”, “service”, “repair”, etc) and geotargets (“A/C Service Near San Diego” or “A/C Repair in Orange County”)

Listening to Leads

Listening to recorded conversations may sound a bit analogue these days, but listening to direct interactions with your leads can give you incredible insight into how your leads are interacting with your site and its content.

For example:

A Ford dealer may receive calls from several leads. The call tracking alone shows these leads were searching for Ford pickup trucks. However, by listening to these calls, a majority of these leads are further inquiring about the availability of compact pickups or hybrid pickups at this dealer. You can now take this knowledge and create custom content such as model pages or trim comparisons for specific Ford compact or electric/hybrid pickups (i.e Ford Maverick Model Page or F-150 Lightning Trim Comparison Page). This content then can be optimized with call-to-action buttons to take leads to your dealership’s new inventory page for those models, t. Thus creating a better path of conversion through your site’s content.

As a local dealership, the aim is to get more leads to call and create conversions. Response time and providing quick solutions are crucial to creating those conversions and getting more sales. What’s more of a quicker response than making a phone call? By not taking into consideration the critical data from these calls is creating an easily avoidable handicap on your business. Utilizing call tracking can easily remedy this and exponentially help your dealership’s site optimize and create incredible content!

If you have any questions about optimizing content for leads, contact the PCG DIgital team! We are eager to help you succeed.

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