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Internal education is an important asset to continuing the growth of your business and team. Recently, PCG Digital had its first internal learning day. This day allowed our team to expand its collective and individual knowledge based on specific areas of expertise, become further educated within digital marketing, complete certifications, and attend offered internal training. Here’s a look at what our team accomplished:


Maintaining existing certifications and completing new ones plays a big role in internal education because it enables our teams to continue educating our clients on the cutting edge of digital marketing. Some of the certifications and recertifications our internal team completed were the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Google Ad Words Search & Display
  • HubSpot SEO Certification
  • Hubspot Digital Marketing Certification

Courses & Internal Trainings

Staying on top of the latest industry trends is an important asset to developing new strategies and adjusting current strategies for our clients. Internally, we had training sessions that ranged from website page designs and Yext training to refresher courses on our internal project management system.

Many of our team members took courses to continue to expand their knowledge industry-wide. One of the most popular courses our team completed was the TikTok Business Learning Center Course which is a part of the great things coming down the line for the PCG Digital Team!

As a team, we look forward to continuing to strive to be the most knowledgeable specialists within our field and stay up-to-date on all digital marketing trends. To learn more about the services PCG Digital offers feel free to contact us today!

Picture of Michele Kowalski
Michele Kowalski
Michele, our Education and Development Director, is passionate about keeping our team educated within both the digital and automotive industries. Outside of PCG she loves running, going to the beach and spending time with her family and dog Tito!

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