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Keywords are the basis of each Google campaign. Yes, there are so many articles claiming that keywords will be less important in the future, however, keywords are crucially important in the present day. Some marketers overcomplicate the keyword research process to the point it feels overwhelming. I will first explain what keywords are and give you 3 great tips for you to find the best keywords.

What are Keywords: According to Google, keywords are words or phrases that are used to match your ads with the terms people are searching for. Basically, people search with those terms and phrases in their minds. In return, Google algorithms match one of the relevant keywords that marketers target with those searched terms and phrases to serve ads.

1st Tip: Search Terms Report

Search terms report is a gold mine for anyone who is advertising on Google. It can show what intentions people search with and give better keyword ideas. Although Google provides less data on search terms report due to privacy reasons, this report still offers valuable information. Besides, Google Ads interface makes it very easy to add relevant keywords to your list from the search terms report.

2nd Tip: Google Related Searches

Just search for your main keyword on Google and scroll all the way down on the search engine results page. At the bottom of the search engine results page (aka SERP), there will be 8 highly relevant keyword suggestions to the main keyword you have searched for. Google’s related searches provide alternative keywords with high search volumes.

3rd Tip: Research Forums and Review Sites

Niche forums and review sites are great places to look for keywords, especially for dealers, because people make their intentions obvious in the forums and review sites. This is a great way of finding out more about consumer interests and expanding the list of keywords.

This is a great 3 step formula to follow with keyword research. It is also a simple and straightforward formula for beginners. Let us know your favorite keyword research tool or method in the comments. To learn more about keyword research or to get assistance with your Google Ads campaigns contact the PCG Digital team today!


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