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By now, we’ve all heard of the infamous Apple iOS14 update.

This update will impact your social media advertising on Facebook and its platforms, but how?

First, let’s review what this update is and why it’s happening.

Apple wants to put, and is putting in place through this update, a huge emphasis on privacy protection for its users. They want its users to feel like their data is being protected and that they can trust the apps being downloaded through their devices. With these privacy protections in place, it therefore impacts the way Facebook is able to target their users with personalized advertisements.

The proposed changes from Apple’s iOS14 update will directly impact the way we currently advertise on Facebook and its platforms, including the way we run ads, measure performance, and engage with customers.

This update will also limit conversion tracking data, meaning that we will no longer be able to measure all of the Pixel data and its custom events.

Facebook will now have to get the permission of the user to gather their data to retarget them with advertising. For those consumers who opt into this data collection (this will be a small minority of people) the iOS14 update will still only allow each domain (one website) to track only eight events. This means that if a business has multiple Facebook pixels tracking multiple events, they will only be able to track eight of them. 

Because of this new impact, it’s important dealers take off any inactive Facebook pixels from their domains.

So with all of this being said, what can you do as a Social Advertiser to prepare for the changes?

Verify Your Domain in Facebook Business Manager

Verification simply proves that you are the owner of that domain. Once Facebook proves the client is the owner, they can edit what pixels/events are being used (Facebook does not want non-owners to be editing pixel configurations).

Prepare To Run Your Social Advertising With Only 8 Conversion Events Per Domain

This new update allows only 8 conversion events per domain. This means that you should only be using one pixel for all of your social advertising (even if you have multiple vendors). If you are a business that outsources your social advertising to multiple vendors, you will need to set up a call with all of your vendors and prioritize these eight events. Keep in mind that any modifications to an event will pause the ad sets using that event for up to 72 hours to eliminate the risk of attribution errors. Don’t be alarmed if your ads are temporarily paused.

Be Aware of Attribution Window Changes And Updated Rules

Advertisers who are currently using the 28-day attribution rules should start comparing other attribution windows using the Comparing Windows feature to see how conversions attributed to their ads compare across different windows. This will allow you to better prepare for the 7-day window change. Make sure your advertising is prepared for a 7-day attribution window to prevent any delays.

Note that as this iOS14 update is being released by Apple, Facebook is evolving their best practice recommendations and sharing them with advertisers for additional guidance. The way we advertise on the Facebook platforms will change due to this update, so it’s crucial that all Social Advertisers are prepared and being proactive.

For more information on how Apple’s iOS14 update will affect your social media advertising, contact the PCG Digital team today!

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