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Businesses are constantly trying to increase their visibility to bring potential customers to their websites. One of the best ways for businesses to grow the organic traffic to their website is by utilizing a Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business. A Google Business Profile is a free way for potential customers to find you in Google Search and Google Maps.

Here at PCG Digital, one of the ways we help our clients grow organic traffic is by getting the most out of our client’s Google Business Profile listing. Below are three helpful ways you can get more impressions, and hopefully more customers, out of your Google Business Profile.

Three Ways to Improve Your Google Business Profile

1. Fully Optimize Your Google Business Profile Listing

After creating your Google Business Profile listing, one of the best ways to increase traffic is by fully optimizing your listing. Here at PCG Digital we offer our clients full Google Business Profile optimization by adding categories, creating UTM tags for the various links, ensuring business information is correct, building out products, and much more! If you’re having trouble optimizing your listing, be sure to contact us at PCG Digital today!

2. Routinely Upload Photos and Videos

One of the best ways to show potential customers your business is by… actually showing them your business. With Google Business Profile you can upload photos and videos of your business on your listing so potential customers can look through them. This is one of the best ways you can push your Google Business Profile listing. Customers love seeing what your business is actually like so posting photos and videos consistently is a terrific way to boost your traffic.

3. Encouraging Customers to Leave Reviews & Replying to Them

Another excellent way to boost your Google Business Profile listing is to ask your satisfied customers to leave a review of your business. The more positive reviews you have the more potential customers will see your business as a great one! When your satisfied customers leave a review it’s great to interact with them and reply to the review. Having great reviews is an excellent way to boost your business listing in Google’s eyes.

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