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There is a lot to consider when optimizing search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. Search engine marketers can get very spoiled when it comes to paid advertising in Google AdWords. It’s deeply rooted in data, and this data comes in quickly after launching a new campaign. We are going to discuss tips on how to optimize paid campaigns.

Before you start optimizing your campaigns, you should be setting goals, what are you trying to accomplish with your campaigns. For instance, for an RV Store, one of the biggest factors when starting up a new client is their conversion goals, which can be set up in Google Analytics. The average number of goals to normally create range from 6 to 10. These goals can consist of click-to-call, live chat, form fill, view of the vehicle description, send to mobile, and many more. This is one of the most crucial parts of paid optimization, without a goal, you are essentially running ads that are not targeted.

Another way to optimize paid campaigns is search query analysis and negative keywords. When you have a fresh campaign, utilize the keyword planner tool to help choose the best keywords for your campaign. After choosing the initial set of keywords for your campaign, the campaign should run for at least 30 days to build up data. Assuming you have conversion goals set up after 30 days, we will look at the search term queries. Search term queries are search terms that are relative to the keywords you initially imputed into the campaigns. Once looking at the data, we can observe which keywords are performing better than others. Two things can be done. First, we can negatively match the keywords we do not want to be searched in our campaigns. This is crucial in preventing wasted spending. As well as, add keywords in our campaign that are relative to the campaign.

Last but not least is campaign extensions, a google ad extension is an additional piece of information that makes your ad more useful to your audience. One benefit is adding more information about your business which will make your campaigns more visible, leading to more clicks and higher ROI. This dramatically makes a positive impact on your account and campaigns. When creating a new account, the first thing to do is clean up or update the extensions, as a result your click-through rate will increase. It is important to test and see which extensions work best for your business and include them in your ads.

Ultimately, There are many ways to optimize paid campaigns. Understanding your campaign goals and knowing which campaign is performing well is crucial. Especially in the beginning when it comes to building accurate data. While using that data to filter out keywords. As well as, using extensions to build out your campaigns this can be via Location, Site links, Callout, and many more. In the end, there are many ways to optimize paid campaigns. I always suggest not making too many changes at once because you need to understand if the initial change is going to have a positive impact or not. The more relevant your campaigns are the better results such as more clicks, phone calls, and other valuable user interactions. 

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